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Timeless Design Trends You Need To Follow

Timeless Design Trends

Some trends are born to fade; flashes in the pan of good taste and questionable decision-making that should be forgiven but never forgotten. Others enter the interiors canon and will remain fixed there until the end of time, and these are the classics you want to hone in on. These timeless design trends deserve your attention and while they may feel like fleeting fads now, you can trust that in time they won’t have soured.





Timeless Design Trends You Need To Follow

The warmth that wood exudes ensures it will never let you or your space down. Timeless in every iteration and application, wood is a complementary and reliable home staple. Even if you can’t take advantage of it as flooring or as a wall treatment, consider accents in the form of furniture, frames and even art to both enliven a space and lend it texture.


The Philip center table takes Ezra’s challenging concepts of design and interprets them in an all-new and natural way. The structure of this magnificent center table turns around the different variations of the geometrical round shape. The soft, organic shapes of the legs play with the geometric shapes of the travertine tops, highlighting the natural beauty of the high-quality materials that were used to handcraft the unique product.


Timeless Design Trends You Need To Follow

Dependable and classic, a comfortable and eye-catching armchair will always slot seamlessly into any room. The shape and lines of such a chair will remain unfailing and steadfast, no matter how many homes or phases you work through, having long ago been proven ageless.


The Maya civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind the Maya armchair. With legs in matte aged brass, this velvet accent chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set.


Timeless Design Trends You Need To Follow

Such a simple, yet effective way to infuse color into space, tonal layering may not be the easiest trend to master but once it has been, the possibilities are both endless and enduring. This approach allows the experiment, albeit safely, with color that won’t become stale. When pulling from the same or similar color families, one can feel safe in the knowledge that their choices won’t date fast.



The Marco sofa brings you the elegance of mid-century with the sophistication of modern techniques and stunning materials. Made for the most luxurious of living rooms, Marco never disappoints with stunning polished brassglossy black feet, and incredible upholstery that is easily customizable. It’s the accent arms and beautiful unique design that make this a piece that is sure to become a bestseller.




Timeless Design Trends You Need To Follow

Cabinetry and hardware can date rather quickly, but a dark colorway—navy, forest green, black, even—will serve you well and age nicely. Moodier hues will also provide a striking contrast to marble pieces, striking backsplashes, and even appliances. A timeless yet surprising choice, dark cabinetry will not dim over time.


An anthem of sophistication and exclusive design. The Apotheosis TV cabinet is a defining presence and will change any room it is part of, creating a glorious atmosphere around it. A daring, yet elegant balance between the finest materials, Nero Marquina marblegold plated brass, and black lacquered wood.


No matter how bold, a statement color is a vote in favor of showing off one’s personality. And what could be more timeless than that? Whether you chose to splash a striking shade across your walls, floors, or both, there’s nothing more classic than a decision that celebrates color in all its glory.


The La Land rug is a huge abstract splash of color – imagine that Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock were drawing a rug – this would be the final result. Authentic and daring, La Land can really tie a room together. When in doubt, go colorful and dreamy!


What could be more timeless or elegant than a host of vintage accents to fill a home with character? Pieces that are well constructed and come with a history, whether invisible or marked upon their surface, are never a bad idea. Vintage pieces add character to a bare space in seconds and will continue to stand the test of time. Ensure you’re mixing second-hand or antique pieces into every room of your abode.


The Franco dressing table is the perfect piece for a classic boudoir. Built-in solid wood and displaying polished brass accents and rattan grills, this dressing table holds a large mirror in the center surrounded by round light bulbs which are bound to make you feel like the star of the show! It also offers a large surface area and five drawers to make sure you have everything in hand for your beauty routine.


Gold has a way of complementing and bringing out the best in every color of the spectrum, so much so that it’s almost neutral. Golden tapware, hardware, and even shelving can inject warmth and color into space without becoming jarring. Gold, while it should be used sparingly, will never steer the one-off course and will remain faithful until the very end.


The Convex Metamorphosis mirror is more than just a simple piece of art. It represents a living tribute to the beauty of an uncompromised mindset, breaking creative boundaries and taking Boca do Lobo to unknown territories never explored before. Playing on the concept of evolution, and challenging the notion of beauty, the Convex Metamorphosis Mirror takes a clean form and transforms it into an exceptional piece of luxury furniture.


What do you think about these timeless design trends? Feel free to comment and share!


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