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Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Have you ever imagine how homes would look like in the future? For years, Hollywood movies tried to create futuristic homes that amazed everyone and that might be a chance that you already have talked about it with family and friends. One of the greatest things about living in the 21st century is the fact that almost everything is possible and architecture developed big and with that comes creativity. Today, Interior Design Magazines is going to show you a great selection of futuristic homes by Dwell Magazine. Be amazed by these futuristic homes!


Villa Bio House Backyard

This house stands out from its more traditional neighbors outside Barcelona. The house’s windowless concrete walls act as beams, enabling the 50-foot-wide structure to literally hang in the balance.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Gunnar Knechtel | Originally appeared in It Takes a Villa

Katz Residence

Essentially three identical concrete boxes form a mini community of houses in a quiet Johannesburg suburb. The minimal interior of this one features a black concrete staircase.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Elsa Young | Originally appeared in Katz’s Cradle

Xeros House

In a geometric Arizona home, the homeowners’ architecture studio occupies the ground floor and a mezzanine level. The compact residential section, reached by climbing an exposed steel staircase, sits above.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Gregg Segal | Originally appeared in Xeros Effect

House Ray

In a modern Vienna penthouse, the kitchen stands at the center of the apartment on a raised platform. A long, white slanted counter contains hi-fi speakers and a BUS-system panel of 18 buttons for controlling lights, curtains, heating, ventilation, and more.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Hertha Hurnaus | Originally appeared in The Penthouse Has Landed

Moriyama House Village

On a double suburban lot in Tokyo, the Office of Ryue Nishizawa built a neighborhood-scaled, flexible-format minimalist steel prefab compound for one permanent resident and six rental tenants.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Dean Kaufman | Originally appeared in Building Blocks

America House

Architect William Massie’s personal prefab project is an exploration into how homes can be assembled, transported, and customized. Two sculpted pods dominate the living room.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Henrik Knudsen | Originally appeared in Massie Produced

Y House

In Saitama, a tightly packed neighborhood near Tokyo, the black metal screen that wraps around this house affords the family privacy without sacrificing outdoor space.

Futuristic Homes by Dwell Magazine

Photo by Dean Kaufman | Originally appeared in Small Box Home with Black Metal Facade in Japan

Do you think that we already live in the future?

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