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25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read

Fashion, gastronomy, photography, architecture, design, philosophy, new technologies, general culture… you’d be impressed if you knew where your favorite Interior Design goes looking for inspiration in everyday life. And some of them go fast to Flipboard-friendly application lets you browse and enjoy your favorite content. Today, Interior Design Magazines has here a super list with 25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read that will help you also to inspire a little. Check out right now!

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1. All That Is Interesting

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
All That Is Interesting
flip articles on just about everything, from absurd performance artists to the world’s ugliest animals to the Internet’s coolest chemical reaction GIFs.

2. Cooking by Lilliminza

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Cooking by Likliminza
is the cure to those nights when nobody can decide what to eat for dinner. Recipes like smoky beetroot hummus and jalapeño and cheese biscuits are anything but ordinary, yet plenty experimental for cooks who like a challenge.

3. The Art of Manliness

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The Art of Manliness is a sharp, witty collection of articles about manhood. From “A Manly Handshake: An Illustrated Guide” to “Preventing Swamp-Crotch: 10 Products ‘Scientifically’ Tested,” this man’s mag hits on everything that’s important to a well-rounded dude.

4. Cool Content Guide

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The Cool Content Guide covers just about everything. If you’ve been wondering what toys look like in under an x-ray or haven’t yet seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail performed on flaming bagpipes, then you should subscribe to Cool.

5. World News Watch

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
World News Watch
flips top news stories from all over the world, giving you a sneak peek at the current state of affairs. Of course, this magazine isn’t for readers who want to be uplifted.

6. 3D Printing

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
3D Printing
is a great example of how Flipboard can liven up any niche or field. For those who haven’t yet discovered the part sci-fi, the part real-life phenomenon that is 3D printing, check out our article on how 3D printing technology is changing the world.

7. So Bad So Good

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
When flipping through So Bad So Good, you can never be quite sure what you will encounter. Readers will love this collection of the Internet’s best and worst memes, advice, how-to articles and crazy cat videos.

8. Mashable

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The Mashable Flipboard magazine solves that problem, packaging the site’s top articles in one easy-to-read magazine format. You get all of the content you love, without having to lift a finger.

9. National Geographic

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The National Geographic mag needs no introduction. As expected, this Flipboard magazine offers the best nature and culture related articles, accompanied by some of the most mind-bending photographs in the world.

10. Inside Flipboard

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Thankfully, Flipboard is a step ahead of its readers and has created a magazine with all of the tips, tricks and FAQs a subscriber might need while flipping through the application. Inside Flipboard is the perfect resource for every inquiry.

11. Life in Color (Lifestyle)

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Curated by ELLE DECOR, Life in Color is a Flipboard mag dedicated to all things color. The pages are filled with lifestyle design tips: how to decorate with lavender, where to incorporate a pop of red into your living room, which color trends can be implemented on a budget.

12. Colossal

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Flipboard’s Colossal mag is as cool as the This is the Colossal site itself, chock-full of the world’s most incredible artwork and artists.

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13. Coffee and Tea

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The cover of Coffee and Tea is an aptly placed GIF of a fresh-brewed cup of coffee. From Huffington Post articles on why you should drink the dark roast to must-have tea brewing technology to hilarious coffee-related memes, this magazine is a necessity for anyone who loves a good cup of joe.

14. New York Times (Twitter)

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Flipping through Twitter feeds in magazine format is surprisingly enjoyable. The New York Times Twitter feed magazine allows you to flip through trusted news highlights as you sip your morning coffee. Plus, with Flipboard’s built-in Twitter feature, you can easily respond to tweets directly within the app. If Twitter’s not your thing, check out the official New York Times Flipboard Magazines to find a niche you do love—there are plenty.

15. Popular Science

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
The Popular Science magazine covers the best of the best, flipping articles on new animal species, space, the human body and groundbreaking scientific finds. Even the least scientifically inclined individuals will love this mag.

16. Street Art

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
As its name suggests, Street Art covers urban art from all over the world. Yet we’re not talking ridiculous graffiti, we’re talking Banksy and other talented artists whose work brightens up cities in the United States and all the way to Hong Kong.

17. Kids + Parenting (Stacy Teet)

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
There are approximately ten billion parenting sources on the web, each claiming to be the best. And while Kids + Parenting doesn’t make any of those outrageous claims. Curated by Stacy Teet, this mag is the perfect reading material for a parent who values discovery and fun.

18. Flipboard Picks

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Flipboard is known for curating incredible magazines. Subscribe to the Flipboard Picks magazine to find articles that were hand-picked by Flipboard’s content-loving staff.

19. NPR: Books

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Book lovers, unite! NPR Books is the perfect combination of book reviews, literary news, recommendations and exclusive interviews with authors.

20. ESPN

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Sports lovers can pull up the ESPN Flipboard magazines and access everything sports related. We’re talking sports news, tweets from top athletes, scores and more.

21. Vanity Fair Long Reads

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
If you like kicking back with a lengthy, captivating article, you’ll fall in love with the Vanity Fair Long Reads magazine. Comprising feature articles from the magazine’s print version, each post is thought-provoking and timely, covering pop culture, politics, economics and other topics.

22. The Everywhereist

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Everywhereist is the travel magazine for Flipboard users. A collection of posts from the popular blog, this travel blogger traipses about Italy, meets elephants in Asia and runs into old friends in Germany. Flipping through this magazine will have you plotting your next overseas adventure.

23. Personal Branding

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
These days, your personal brand is everything. Yet with the Personal Branding Flipboard magazine, curating and maintaining your reputation has never been easier. With articles from Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fortune, you can be sure you’re getting the best professional advice out there.

24. Time for Cocktails

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Unlike some Flipboard magazines, you can tell that Time for Cocktails is going to be great just by its title. This magazine is the place to find recipes for all of your favorite drinks, from Raspberry Tequila Sangria to a Ginger Caipirinha Cocktail or a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martini.

25. #MagsWeLove

25 Flipboard Magazines You Need To Read
Need more recommendations on top Flipboard magazines that you should subscribe to? #MagsWeLove flips top magazines on a regular basis, making it easy for readers to discover the coolest content on the web.

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Source: All That is Interesting

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