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10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and it’s possible to find many Christmas decorating tips from interior design magazines, today Interior Design Magazines the selection of Southern Living magazine, feel the Christmas spirit with these 10 Christmas decorating ideas. Get inspired!


Create a warm welcome

Nothing to make a great entrance, Sothern Living suggestion is to use brilliant array of paper luminaries “Line them along front walks, driveways, and porches for a fiery Christmas display that’s so simple (and affordable) to pull off. To create your own gleaming arrangement, generously cover the bottom of white paper bags with sand, which will keep them sturdy and stationary when exposed to the elements. Arrange bags in desired positions (the luminaries lining the walk above at left all 2 feet apart), and then insert tea lights or battery-operated LEDs”.

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Drape your mailbox

A great decorating tip is to drape your mailbox with festive adorn. The adivece given by this magazine is to “Wrap sheer ribbon loosely around a pine garland and drape the garland around the mailbox. Wire clusters of bright nandina berries to the top of the post, and finish with a big bow for an eye-catching Christmas flourish.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Create a Stunning centerpiece

Give to your centerpiece a special attention, create an elegant and colorful decoration and flowers. Red roses are a great choice and white tallow berries in silver vases.

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Make your own napkin rings

Christmas becomes more special when you dedicate your time and effort to small details, Sothern Living advice to “Make your own custom napkin rings by spray-painting cedar roses (the opened cones of the deodar cedar tree) silver and gluing them atop 2-inch-wide red ribbon.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decorate with colors that match your décor

Celebrate Christmas doesn´t mean to lose your sense of style and this home décor Christmas idea is really great for you to innovate and give a modern touch into this special date, “Plan Christmas decorations to work with your existing decor, even if that means using unexpected colors like cream and beige. Accents in shades of gold and silver blend seamlessly with this room’s soft white-and-ivory color scheme and play off the tones of other metallic accessories, like the coffee table”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Create an Arrangement with Fruit and Greenery

Fruit and greenery is an amazing Christmas décor idea Southern Living suggests “Use a glass hurricane or vase to create an arrangement that will last throughout the Christmas season by filling the jar with a layer of limes, red holly berries, and lemons. Top it off with stems of greenery.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Put Your Tree in a Basket

Give to your Christmas tree a twist by usinf natural woven baskt to hold your Christmas tree. Southern Living explain “You’ll likely still need to support the trunk inside the basket with a stand, but the results are much more beautiful.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Add “Wow” with a Disco Ball

Christmas addorments can become a bit repetitive, so a great advice is to hang a disco ball from the ceiling to float above the Christmas tree. Southern Living mention that “A flocked tree needs a festive punch, so it can’t get away with just a run-of-the-mill star. The bow, with its long ribbon tendrils, adds the real wow factor.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Wrap Gifts to Match Your Décor

A great tip from Southern Living is “Embellish gifts with Christmas ornaments that coordinate with your decor. These packages are adorned with mini disco balls to mimic the topper and tied with the same ribbons that cascade down the tree.”

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas

Make a Custom Tree Skirt

Make a custom Christmas tree skirt using fabrics from other upholstered pieces, like chairs, pillows, or even the sofa, in the room.

10 Christmas Decorating Ideas


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