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Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu Luxury Houses Vol.2 By Luxxu

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Fairmont Hotel

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover – Are you design lover planning your next trip? Learn more about the city’s amazing hotels, where you can combine your love for interior design and still get some rest!

The Langham

Mexico city is one of the country city’s that is super culturally rich, since the delicious food to the amazing design projects. To have the energy to see the city from de beginning to the end, you have to stay in a comfy hotel.

Thanks to the dimension of the city, in Mexico you can also find places to stay inspired in other international cultures. It’s like you combine the best of both worlds to have a taste of two different perspectives. If you like to admire the little details of amazing interior decor, well I have some suggestions for you. Hold on design lover because we are about to travel to Mexico!

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Ignacia Guest House

This one is a hotel with a history that you, design lover, are going to love. The name of this guest house was given after its the original housekeeper, Ignacia. and hotel. In here, you can take a look into two different sides, it’s like the old meets new in the historic half, where original ceilings, doors, and wood floors blend seamlessly with fresh, blush-color walls, emerald-green couches, and marble tables. Each of its rooms is done up in a single color—blue, pink, green, yellow, and a super-sleek all-black master suite. For breakfast, Ignacia guest House serves some traditional Mexican food.

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Casa Goliana

Mexico City native, Ana Leticia Reyes, worked with the designer from Guadalajara, Cristina Fuentes, to create distinct rooms, each one with its own uniqueness. They have custom wood furniture and whimsical touches like bird-shaped armoire handles and lamps adorned with painted shoe molds. The colorful, patterned tiles it’s something that you will find in this hotel. There is a lovely yet small communal patio, and a cozy breakfast room where you can taste many of the Mexican delicacies.

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Ryo Kan

Ryo Kan its commonly found in its origin country, Japan. However, recently it arrived in Mexico to bring calmness and the meditation art, to the busy environment of the city. This hotel was inspired and designed according to the traditional Japanese houses. Located in Mexicos Little Tokyo it’s all blond wood and earth tones, starting with the narrow central courtyard that’s home to a small koi pond and rock garden. Clean-lined rooms offer a mix of tatami mats and platform beds, plus yukata robes and a discreet wall panel that controls the windows, music, and TV. Not to mention the amazing spa that it’s on the top floor to offer a unique and luxury experience of true relaxation moments.

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 Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Nima Local House

Hygge, a Danish design concept has made it to Mexico. The stylish living room—with stacks of art books, a marble fireplace, and an honor bar stocked with artisanal mescal—sets the tone for a stress-free stay. The rooms are named for real-life people connected to the property such as the original owner, art collector Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, among others. They all include soft, feminine aesthetic thanks to fuzzy throw pillows and many shades of grey.

Where to stay in Mexico City if you are a design lover

Pug Seal Tennyson

The newest trend on social media it’s the renovated neo-Baroque 1940s mansion in ritzy Polanco. It was made for Instagram wonderland thanks to its playful design. The millennial pink main room, outfitted with a cherry-red rug that looks like it’s made of flower petals. Other highlights include pink Murano lamps, a Platner chair, and an art collection made up of 31 lithographs by various creatives such as illustrator Michael Doret and the late Mexican architect Pedro Ramírez Vázquez. It includes about 11 suites, each one named for a feeling or sensation—including Love, Admiration, Courage, and Hope—that inspired their unique interiors.


Source:  Explore Mexico City’s Design-Hotel Boom

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