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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

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Unbelievable architecture projects: the good and the bad

Buildings. In the old days most of them were nothing special. They were just boxes where people lived in. Nowadays every architect has to create an amazing idea to have a job, Good designs win, bad designs stay in the drawer.

The architectural world has evolved in a good way. Building are safer, better looking and have an Eco friendly thought to it.

In this post just one thing matters! Greatness or “rubbishness”? See and rate for yourself.

Stone House (Portugal)

One thing we have to acknowledge: this is crazy! But is it a great piece of design or a rubbish thing?

Some say that this house is inspired in the Flintstones cartoon. It was built between two big rocks, connected by concrete. .

Stone House - Portugal

The Mirador Building (Spain)

Look at this piece of design. What do you think about it? Amazing or just a square with a gap in the middle?

This building  was designed by Dutch architecture studio MVRDV and Spanish architect Blanca Lleó and was inaugurated in 2005.

Edificio Mirador - Spain

The Basket Building (USA)

This design has a story behind it. The Basket building is the headquarters of a… yes you’re right… a basket company. Is this an original and brilliant idea or the worst effort for brand recognition?

The Longaberger Company hearquarters

Beijing National Stadium (China)

Also called “The bird’s nest” this imponent stadium was built for the 2008 Olympic Games. Some people loved the design. Others not quite. What do you think?

The Beijing National Stadium

National Architects Union Headquarters (Romania)

Some buildings are brand new, others are restorations of old ones. And then there’s the Architects Union Headquarters in Romania. Is it a good, original and fantastic ideas or just a new building on top of an old one?

National Architects Union Headquarters -Romania

Errante Guest House (Chile)

There isn’t a lot of information about this building on the Internet. That’s why I’m leaving to you the conclusions. Great or you aren’t even sure of what this is?

Errante guest house - Chile
Architects can make the world a better place literally, but sometimes crazy things happen and they come up with the strangest designs.

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Images: Village of joy,  My Opera, Homssthetics,

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