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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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Top Interior Designers From Palma de Mallorca

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Palma de Mallorca

Today Interior Design Magazines is going to show you 21 amazing interior designers that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados within every style of décor. Based in Palma de Mallorca, these designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings.







Top Interior Designers From Palma de Mallorca

AQUAQUAE is a company that belongs to the CRO GRUP that has more than 40 years old and knew how to identify in the mid-90s the demands of the market that began to demand greater quality, elegance, and design in its projects.

2. Banni Elegant Interiors

Top Interior Designers From Palma de Mallorca

Banni Elegant Interiors has plenty of experience in interior design with over 7000 projects completed. Their extensive global portfolio illustrates just how much attention is given to every project and proves that the clients’ requirements are met and exceeded every time.

3. Barcelo Y Montanaro SA

Barceló & Montanaro relies on the best design brands to be able to transform spaces into a home with the character and tastes of their clients. They work on interior and exterior furniture and they also give great importance to what they e could call props, accessories, specific fabrics for each client, unique pieces, and advice on art. These are the three great families that make up our work.


4. Bonaire 4

Bonaire 4 is an interior design studio with an architectural soul specialized in the creation and redefinition of spaces for those seeking functionality and aesthetics for the best experience and well-being in dream homes.

5. Bondian Living

Top Interior Designers From Palma de Mallorca

Bondian Living was founded in Madrid, in 2004, as a German-Spanish firm dedicated to interior design architecture. Some of its most clients include select celebrities. In addition, Bondian Living has decorated some houses that have been published in famous decoration magazines.

6. Carmen Colom 

Carmen Colom is an expert in the world of interior design and decoration. Always removing the largest sample of spaces and providing a new air to your home, she has the experience and flexibility needed to guide you in all the steps of the project, from the design and planning to the implementation.

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7. Espacio Home Design

Espacio Home Design is a Palma de Mallorca based interior design company that has over 40 years of experience dedicated to home decor, providing clients with some of the best design brands in the world.

8. G4deco

G4deco was created in 2000, from the need of addressing interior design projects from a complete perspective rather than simply on the beauty of decorating a space. They are a multidisciplinary company consisting of architecture, design, decoration, and landscaping, with the expertise and knowledge to establish their client’s dreams.

9. Home Staging Mallorca

Home Staging Mallorca is an interior design company that was created in 1998. This studio has been conducting large-scale projects to enable the realization of different types of interior decoration projects, working for individuals, companies, and professionals.

10. Jorge Bibiloni 

Jorge Bibiloni is an interior design studio known for creating spaces with elegance and individuality both for private clients and local businesses. Every project is a new challenge and gives the company the opportunity to create unique, elegant, and functional spaces.

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11. Knox Design

 Knox Design is one of the best-known interior design companies in Palma de Mallorca with eclectic tastes and a large experience. Their variety of clients includes many high profile celebrity clients and they also undertake commercial design projects.

12. Luc Van Acker 

 Luc Van Acker is an interior design company created by Maria Christine Von Wedel. This studio’s goal is to create soulful homes, matching the personal life surroundings and requirements of each client.

13. Marga Comas 

Marga Comas is an interior design company based in Palma de Mallorca that develops personalized projects. Their projects are studied from the very beginning to accomplish the clients’ needs.

14. Minimal Studio 

Minimal Studio was born from the hands of Juan David Martínez Jofre with the objective of raising the execution of the work to the same level as the design or decoration. Their multidisciplinary studio is composed of architects, engineers, and interior designers specialized in interior design, architecture, creation of furniture and decorative elements.


15. Negre

Negre is an interior architecture studio located in Palma de Mallorca, created by a team of professional interior designers who are experts in architecture and interior design. Inspired by the light, simplicity, and warmth of the Mediterranean, Negre seeks aesthetic beauty and maximum functionality.

16. Organic Studio

Organic Studio was created by a stylist and a photographer with many years of experience in the field of modeling interiors for classy design publications. This studio projects have a breezy Balearic style, making it look effortless. They do interior design and decoration projects of different scope, from simple restyling to complete projects.

17. Palm Interiors

Palm Interiors is a design studio in the luxury furnishing sector. The Palm interior design studio delivers bespoke total design concepts around the world. They work to translate the wishes of their clients into creations that are both perfectly functional and lastingly beautiful. At once modern and classic, luxurious and comfortable, the teams’ focus is on finding the perfect balance.

18. Terraza Balear

Terraza Balear was established with the main goal to design beautiful and unique spaces. The Mediterranean lifestyle blurs the lines between the outside and inside living, with terraces often being an intimate sanctuary for friends and family.

19. Virginia Pérez Interiorismo & Mobiliario

Virginia Pérez Interiorismo & Mobiliario is an interior design studio based in Palma de Mallorca created by Virginia Pérez, in 2009, and dedicated to all types of projects. She balances aesthetics, functionality, and structural factors for each project in order to satisfy the needs of the clients.

20. Vissual Espacios Singulares

 Vissual Espacios Singulares is an interior design company created by Clara Bennássar Ramis de Ayreflor. This studio works mostly with private projects.

21. Yolanda Cubo Studio

Yolanda Cubo Studio was created by Yolanda Cubo and it is an interior design company based in Palma de Mallorca. These projects are based on inspiration, consistency, knowledge, and experience tinking for the total tranquility of the clients.

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