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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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TOP Interior Designers From Palermo




Today Interior Design Magazines is going to show you the amazing interior designers that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados within every style of décor. Based in Palermo, these designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings.


1. AM3 Architetti Associati

TOP 20 Interior Designers From Palermo

AM3 Architetti Associati was founded in 2011 by the architects Marco Alesi, Cristina Cali, and Alberto Cusumano. The Firm operates in Palermo and works on projects both in the private and in the public sphere, expanding the theme of urban redevelopment through the design and construction of elements set in high-value historical, archaeological, and landscape contexts. A careful analysis of the specific context in which each work is placed is of great importance in the project procedure: in fact, this critical reading of the places aims at identifying the characteristics and peculiarities of all the fragments that make up each site. This Modern Apartment project developed has taken care to establish precise spatial relationships between structure and context both on a large scale and on a very small scale.

2. Antonino Cardillo

TOP 20 Interior Designers From Palermo

Sicily-based architect Antonino Cardillo regards architecture as the synchronicity of cultures and civilizations. The Concrete Moon House was born inside a house among coarse Mediterranean glades and corrugated stone walls, a slanting light, pierced by innumerable narrow repeated blades, inscribes and describes the walls with its impermanent, mutable hand. How many possible stories will this light tell over the course of a year? Thus architecture becomes light interpreted through the ‘limbs’ of the architecture. Like shadows of flesh on flesh, whose forms are both definite and defining.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


3. Davide Cipolla

TOP 20 Interior Designers From Palermo

Davide Cipolla is part of the Scalaunocento Studio. Designer and interior designer of Sicilian origin, son of a sculptor, he trained and specialized in Florence with a Master in Interior Design at the “Leonello Cappiello” Academy of Art and Design, graduated in Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture of ‘University of Palermo. Modern lines are a constant style in his projects, as well as the use of high-quality Italian materials.

4. Fabio Costanzo e Maria Rosaria Piazza Studio 4e

Studio 4e is an architecture and design studio with years of experience in the field of residential, commercial, and landscape design.  This Restaurant designed by Studio 4e is located in the canteen of an early-twentieth-century townhouse, the Marine Gold Restaurant. The project concept draws on the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, the repairing of precious ceramic objects by joining the pieces with gold dust so as to create a new object quite different from the original. In the same way, the project assimilates the metaphorical message within kintsugi by providing a new life and artistry to the extant spaces though their reformulation

5. Gianluca Insinna Architetti

The Gianluca Insinna Architetti was founded in 2003 by the architect Gianluca Insinna.  The study is mainly concerned with private and with the collaboration of external professionals qualified.  The philosophy of the work is to create an architecture of quality, looking for a radical and continuous perfection of a specific architectural language.  It’s an architecture inspired by a vision that stands out for the use of certain materials, construction techniques and plant engineering, the study of natural light, the ergonomics of space and furnishings.  The modus operandi is expressed through the craftsmanship of detail and the comparison with the genius loci.

6. Giuseppe Di Prima

Giuseppe Di Prima co-founder “SQUAR-e architecture”, is an Interior Designer specialized in Materials (Stone and Limestone), acting as an ambassador of Sicilian stone around the world (Seoul, New York, Denmark, etc.). Nominated among the best designers of his region, Sicily, Di Prima has a portfolio of several works in showrooms of the most important made-in-Italy brands and private residences. His projects have been published on the most prestigious architectural international magazines (AD, Domus, etc.) and they are all distinguished by a particular sensitivity for finishing, materials and chromatic qualities. In 2009, Di Prima appeared on the cover of AD architectural magazine during Milan Salone del Mobile, the most important cover in the yearly publication.

7. Giuseppe Gurrieri

Born in Ragusa in 1977, Giuseppe Gurrieri graduated in architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. After graduating, he collaborated for a few years with Maria Giuseppina Grasso Cannizzo’s studio in Vittoria. In 2008 he opened his own professional studio. House K involves the recovery of the ground floor of the patronal house of a late 19th-century farmhouse located in the Val di Noto, between Ragusa and Catania, in an area designed by expansive hilly slopes and agricultural farms.


As visible from the studio’s multiple words, they look at architecture as a new composition of existing elements. Volumes, pillars, columns, surfaces are considered phenomena that assume a high quality, precisely in the mode with which they are aggregated and combined with one another. Their Mission is to state beauty in a creative synthesis process that takes place in the artistic gesture. The search for beauty becomes essential ethics of the design practice.



9. Luigi Smecca Architetti professional studio

TOP 20 Interior Designers From Palermo

Architect Luigi Smecca, the owner of the Luigi Smecca Architetti professional studio, is a former university professor in monument restoration, that subsequently specialized in ho.re.ca. design, interior design, integrated design, brand & design, architect home and Building Technology. His final creations are all heterogeneous and, although they contain a personal style that distinguishes me, they always represent the taste and needs of the client. The studio’s goal is to emphasize the uniqueness of the project, but at the same time have a direct comparison with design, with the trends and the evolution of contemporary aesthetic languages.

10. Massimiliano Masellis Architetti +

Massimiliano Masellis Architetti + is an architecture and design studio based in Palermo (Italy). MMA + develops its research in the fields of architectural design, interior design, and product design. Through continuous collaboration and synergy with artisan and industrial enterprises on a national scale, MMA + is regularly present at international sector events.

11. Pietro Airoldi

The studio, based in Palermo, Italy, operates in the fields of Architecture, Interior and Exhibition Design, and works as a design consultant for companies and international institutions. This Project is the reuse of an apartment in a building of the early ‘900 in Palermo. The house was structured in a series of small rooms and long corridors. The project consists of creating a unique space that would bring together all “public functions” of the house: living, dining, and kitchen. The traces of the old shape of the house are visible in the plaster frames that have been left on the ceiling. Even the cement tiles of the old floors have been re-used to form new carpets

12. Puccio Collodoro Architetti studio

Refined, evocative, and emblematic; these are the adjectives that summarize the latest project signed by the Puccio Collodoro Architetti studio. Located inside an important historic building from the early 1900s, the Gran Caffè Torino is located near the central station of Palermo, at the corner of Via Roma and via Torino, from which it takes its name. The analysis of the context made it possible to develop a design concept that evoked the romantic style that characterized the neighborhood at the beginning of the 20th century; in fact, a language has been conceived that recalls the soft forms of the Liberty style, emphasizing the verticality that characterizes the environments.

 13. Riccardo Agnello

From 1974 to today, Riccardo Agnello’s studio has designed more than 500 apartments, villas and country houses, and over 100 professional studios. In 2004 it became “Studio Agnello & Associati” and moved to Mondello in a truly extraordinary location, with a magnificent view of the gulf. Among the collaborators the architect’s Angelica Agnello, Giuliana Campanella, and Dario Salamone. The secretariat, administration, and management of the material archive have always been entrusted to Patrizia Cardone. This Project is a House in the center of Rome that is true to the Italian Rustic Style with modern pieces and architectural features.


Born in 2002, RUFFINOASSOCIATI was founded by Silvio Calandra, Gioacchino Munna, Fabrizio Ruffino, three Sicilian architects who have decided to develop together with the idea that unites them of architecture as a cultural system of values ​​to be investigated, developed, shared. This Intervention for the recovery and conversion of an entire small “building” on three levels in Trapani., has made it possible to create eight large rooms including three suites of 70 square meters, and on the ground floor a small but rich wine cellar.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

15. Stefano Sanfilippo SS Studio Architecture and Design

Located in Palermo, the studio deals with architectural design, interventions on the existing, interior design, design and graphic design, bespoke furniture design, and for international brands. The studio approach to the project begins with a precise analysis of the place, respecting the existing, the history, and the morphological characteristics of the site.

16. Studio Apostoli

Studio Apostoli provides interior design solutions specially designed according to the wishes and specific vision of the territory. From the first meeting with the client to the realization of the project, we work with our clients to identify their needs, plan the timing and respect the budget parameters. This Apartment is located in a skyscraper in the center of Wuhan city, characterized by the fusion of Western and Chinese architecture.

17. Studio DiDeA

Studio Didea is an integrated architecture, interior, branding, and design firm based in Palermo. The partners are Nicola Giuseppe Andò, Emanuela di Gaetano, Alfonso Riccio, Giuseppe De Lisi. After an in-depth analysis of the urban and historic project’s context, DiDea design approach starts from the very first concept to the working plan, through a precise choice of artisans and contractors and a careful works supervision, maintaining a continuous dialogue with the clients, so as to meet their needs and desires. Studio DiDeA reconfigured a two levels penthouse in Palermo to create a luminous and spacious house, overlooking the city harbor. The 180 sqm apartment is an articulate space where sunlight, an essential color palette, and space-saving furniture define the project.


18. Studio SAL_14

Studio SAL_14 was born in Palermo in 2015 paying attention to the design and the creation of an artisan architecture that moves among the geometries, the materials, and their natural colors. These are the goals we set for an elementary study of the spaces and of the best way to enjoy them, by moving from the few square meters of a room to the many of a garden and maintaining always the same level of attention.

19. StudioHaki Interior Designer

Studiohaki was born in 2015 in Palermo, from the passion of the architect Lillo Piscione and the interior designer and designer Polizzi Daniela who, after years of career in the world of design, renovation and furniture, decide to combine their skills in the sector. In this project, the client wanted to have a super modern, avant-garde, and above all elegant apartment. The Studio neutralized all the walls with an absolute white, warmed by the parquet flooring in oak-colored planks, and chose colorful art and furniture pieces.

20. The Leta Architecture 

Leta Architecture is a firm with headquarters in Palermo that deals with architectural design and interior architecture, mainly in residential areas and commercial. In this project, A holiday home, in a building overlooking the seafront of Mazara del Vallo, the interior space was reorganized so that the rooms could enjoy the view of the maritime landscape to the fullest. The living area is a large south-facing living area, a glass wall acts as a filter separating it from the sleeping area, which is more internal and silent. White dominates, a symbol of light and Mediterranean character.



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