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The common summer entertainment mistakes: tips by House Beautiful

Summer is a pleasant time of the year. We spend more time outside our house and we tend to organize outdoor dinners and barbecues for our family and friends. That’s the good life!

But sometime thighs don’t work how we plan and our outdoor events don’t turn out a success ass we hoped. Why? Maybe today, at Interior Design Magazines, you will find some common summer entertainment mistakes that you must avoid! These are some incredible tips from House Beautiful that i want to share with you!

This is a great post if you want to create unforgettable and fun summer events that anyone can enjoy!


The biggest mistakes you must avoid this summer

Mistake #1 – Don’t invite the neighbors

Don’t be rude! Invite your neighbors. It would be a nice gesture.

“Inviting your neighbors is the nice way of warning them without actually warning them,” says Helah Kehati, founder and president of the event planning company JPO Concepts. “Leave them your cell phone number, too. It’s courteous to offer a direct way of getting in touch with you if they’re bothered by any noise — and might discourage them from calling the police instead.”

Mistake #2 – Not enough seating for everybody!

If you’re hosting a long party you must have enough seating for almost everyone!

“If your party is longer than two hours, you should have seating for at least 80% of the guests,” says Kehati. Move indoor seating outside when you can, and borrow folding chairs from friends.”


Miskake #3 – Leaving extension cords where guests might trip

This is asking for problems!

“Place cords around high-traffic areas, or get metal-shaped U’s at a hardware store to clamp down cords into the grass, says Kehati. Don’t use any extension cords outside that aren’t UL-certified and marked “suitable for use with outdoor appliances,” says Rachel Rothman, Technical Director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.”

Miskake #4 – Not timing your grilling right

“Preheat the grill at least 10 to 15 minutes before you’re ready to cook. Not sooner — otherwise you’ll waste gas, says Sharon Franke, Director of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute Kitchen Appliances and Technology Department. Start grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks about a half hour before you plan to serve them. “If you cook too soon, and keep items warm, they’re going to get too dry,” Franke says.”


Mistake #5 – Getting wasted 

Yes it’s a party and you must drink but don’t get wasted while you’re hosting a party. It won’t look right!

“People are more susceptible to alcohol when it’s hot outside, so serve lighter drinks, like sangrias, and make sure your proportions don’t tip too far in liquor’s favor, says Franke.”

You miust take in consideration these useful tips so that you can plan and host a maginificent outdoor party that will be amazing!

I hope you have enjoyed this article!

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Source: House Beautiful

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