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The Best Interior Designers From New York City – PART VII

New York City

Today Interior Design Magazines bring you our Best Interior Designers who are based in the biggest of apples. They all made it there, and they made it practically everywhere, but it’s still up to you, New York, New York!

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Tony Chi

The Best Interior Designers From New York City - PART VII

Tonychi Studio focuses on space planning, branding, conceptual and design development. Their main goal is to get better every day and make every project an opportunity to build something valuable, meaningful, and beautifully mixed between tradition and innovation. They do not forget to give emotions to the physical spaces and create expressive atmospheres. Tony Chi is a mandatory presence when naming the best interior designers.

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio NYC

Founded in 2000 by Martin Brudnizki, this design studio now consists of over 70 talented artists, from interior designers to art consultants and others. For the team, each project is unique. Depending on the person’s lifestyle, desires and dreams, impressive interior designs are created. They understand the complexity of designing luxury spaces but prefer to transform them into simple design solutions with special elements.

Peti Lau Inc

Speaking of the best interior designers, Peti Lau is a dreamer and she makes no secret of it. From Thailand to Europe, with a studio in New York, her work is inspired by the world and all its wonders: travel, art, music, people, romance, and color. Her style can be described as bold, eclectic, and daring. She believes in good design and in creating spaces that can reflect what people want.

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Yabu Pushelberg

The Best Interior Designers From New York City - PART VII

Founded by Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu, this studio designs interiors, buildings, furniture, landscapes and more. They bring the human experience and add a personal touch to each project. With a solid career and path, Yabu Pushelberg have won many awards, not just for their obvious talent and skill. It’s about more than that: they set out to “design the world we want to live in”.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


Rottet Studio

The Best Interior Designers From New York City - PART VII

Leaders in the architecture and design industry, Rottet Studio is a company specialized in creating outstanding projects and exceeding client expectations, and this is what we’re looking for when we search for the best interior designers. They are not a follower and aim to be trendsetters, marking a solid position in the market. Rottet Studio has a wide portfolio of corporate, residential, maritime, and hospitality projects and is known worldwide for its exclusive design.

Monique Gibson Interior Design

For Monique Gibson, the only way to design is to do it personally. Deeply involved with her clients, Gibson loves to hear their stories, to understand their needs and to give them design solutions that meet their dreams. That’s why each project is exclusive: from the first thought to the final decoration, working with Monique is always an intensive and interesting experience.

Lisa Weiss Interiors

Lisa Weiss traveled the world as part of department stores, working for top brands such as Ralph Lauren. She pays attention to detail and likes to combine different materials and textures, creating luxury environments. In her portfolio we can see different projects with the same amount of energy, making her a versatile and one of the best interior designers around.

Roman And Williams

Founded by the principals Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, this company likes narratives. Their designs are an expansion of them as human beings, creating an unfinished line between their work and their clients. This company’s work is about the contrast between the past and the future, the innovation and tradition, the spontaneity and the rigor, and it’s affected by different cultural references.

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Clodagh Design

“Behind every no, there’s a yes somewhere”, Clodagh says. And she’s not wrong. With a unique perspective, Clodagh gives an uncommon touch to her projects: fan of light and shadows, she includes chromotherapy and biophilia in her work. She is also one of the earliest adopters of feng shui in her practice. This interior designer is undoubtedly one of a kind.

Ashley Wittaker Design

A “neo-traditionalist”, Ashley displays a stylish and unusual perspective in her work and is a must-see in this list of the best interior designers. She plays with colors and patterns like no other, adding a classic but surprising touch to any project she is involved in. With Wittaker’s signature, you can expect chic and tailored rooms, where you’ll feel her presence and talent.

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Amie Weitzman

With over 20 years of experience, Amie has an artistic eye and is a fan of clean, simple, and classic lines inspired by her background in fashion. Recognized as a talented painter, her unique eye for color and composition is an important skill in her way of seeing interiors, and she’s one of the best interior designers when it comes to functional and comfortable designs.

Markham Roberts Inc.

Markham Roberts is not afraid to take risks. With strong European, American, and Asian influences, he can work in a variety of styles, with impeccable good taste and a sense of sophistication. His experience doesn’t lie, and several clients have put their trust in him for some big projects. Markham’s ability to adapt means his interiors are always timeless, and he is an indispensable artist on this list of the best interior designers.


ZGF is a company that specialized in interior design, architecture and urban planning. With more than 600 professionals and 1000 design awards, the company has been working in several industries: healthcare, academic buildings, museums, hospitality, residential, and others. They pursuit excellence and, for that, have an incredible list of clients and projects.


Safavieh is a high-tech company specializing in home textiles. The company is committed to high quality in its services, as well as in the art of handmade rugs and well-crafted furniture. Bridging the gap between the past and the contemporary know-how, Safavieh is the best in the field of interior craftsmanship and we couldn’t help but talk about them in this list of the best interior designers.

David Scott Interiors

David is one of the best interior designers we can find. For him, working on a project is always a collaborative journey between his studio and the client. The results are always impressive: functional and tongue-in-cheek luxury interiors. Scott has received mentions from various publications and his passion for art makes his work even more intriguing.

Ike Kligerman Barkley

Ike Kligerman Barkley is known for a traditional but modern design through sculptural forms, taught details, glass surfaces, and a certain playfulness. From the initial idea to the construction, they always choose the best material to work with. They have received several awards due to their incredible work in architecture and interior design.

Tihany Design

Tihany Design is a design studio focused on luxury hospitality design. Adam D. Tihany has designed the interiors of hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships in some of the most amazing properties around the world. When it comes to hospitality design, Adam has been called one of the best interior designers around the globe and his company has proven his talent in several projects.

Meyer Davis

Meyer Davis is a design studio founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. By playing with space, form, texture, and light, they develop a visual experience that is meant to captivate and inspire. The company believes that great design works on multiple levels, combining bold design moves and eye-catching details to ensure that each project leaves an immediate and lasting impression upon completion.

Julie Hillman Design

Julie Hillman loves to tell stories through her designs, and of course, she is a necessary artist in our list of best interior designers. With an esthetic point of view and an underlying interest in the client’s history and dreams, she delivers solutions that result in contemporary living spaces with a story.

Whitehall Interiors

Whitehall is a design studio specializing in interior design, interior architecture, and custom furnishings. They draw inspiration from contextual relevance, classic design elements, and selected materials. Combining aspects of modern art, design, music, fashion, and pop culture, each Whitehall project comes with a solid narrative, and so they are part of our exclusive list of best interior designers.


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