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The Best Interior Designers From New York City – PART X

New York City

Today Interior Design Magazines bring you our Best Interior Designers who are based in the biggest of apples. They all made it there, and they made it practically everywhere, but it’s still up to you, New York, New York!

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Leroy Street Studio (LSS)

LSS is an award-winning architectural and design firm inspired by innovation in design, the craft of construction, and a collaborative approach. Their motto is to work with their clients as much as possible in order to fulfill their visions. The design firm provides services in both architecture and interior design, and they count on some of the best interior designers in the US. LSS creates unique interiors tailored to individual lifestyles, personalities, interests, and tastes. Their interior design projects are meant to be admired but also lived and enjoyed. LSS’s approach is unique as they do bespoke design like no other and also value craftsmanship.

Benjamin Cruz Designs

Benjamin Cruz is one of the best interior designers in the US. His style is quite clean and cool and, his interior design projects are based on contemporary design, using warm tones and diverse textures. A native of Southern California, the interior designer moved to New York in 1991 and, in 2006, he finally began his interior design career full time with projects in Manhattan and East Hampton.

Cetra Ruddy

CetraRuddy is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm driven by design excellence and creating one-of-a-kind architectural experiences. The company works with some of the best interior designers in the business and has been creating true design inspirations for several years. From residential interior design projects to hospitality and commercial designs, the company is truly versatile.

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Carlyle Designs

Jordan Carlyle is one of the best interior designers in the world. His trademark: an eclectic mix of elegant with clean lines. The interior designer masters this form of contemporary design and, with monochrome schemes with rich pops of color, bronze, and gold detailing mixed with antique pieces, Carlyle Designs is an ode to bespoke design. The design firm is based in New York City and works both nationally and internationally, creating unmatched design inspirations.

DiGuiseppe Architect

Anthony J. DiGuiseppe AIA RIBA is President and CEO of DiGuiseppe Architect, a design firm that successfully integrates architectural and interior design into a cohesive environment for its clients. Sustainability and livability are also very important when it comes to their interior project designs.

Essential HomeDelightfullRugSocietyBrabbuCaffe Latte


Sygrove Associates Design Group

The Sygrove Design Group is an interior design firm for lobby, hallway, and common area installations at high-end cooperatives, condominiums, and real estate developments. Working with some of the best interior designers out there, Sygrove’s interior design projects are timeless, functional, durable, and easy to maintain. Founded by Marilyn Sygrove the company continues to impress with its luxurious contemporary designs.


EvensonBest guides leaders to make confident, intelligent office furniture decisions. Function and aesthetics meet to create spaces that are meant to be lived. Their projects are complex and they provide a variety of services including interior design.

Robert Passal Interior Design

Robert Passal is one of the best interior designers in New York City. He is well-regarded for his luxurious, livable signature style and client-centered approach to design. Robert creates true design inspirations that are meant to be lived and admired. The designer balances fine art and antiques with custom contemporary design pieces to create unique interiors. Each interior design project is customized and an ode to a bespoke design. From residential to retail and commercial projects, each project is unique.

Think Chic Interiors

Think Chic Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that offers a broad range of design expertise. It incorporates a contemporary design aesthetic with comfort and livability, creating truly amazing interior design projects.

Nick Olsen Inc

Nick Olsen is one of the best interior designers in the US who started his eponymous design firm in 2010. Nick creates comfortable, stylish interiors that are the epitome of eclectic contemporary design. The interior designer plays with scale and texture and creating unexpected color combinations. Some of the renowned designer’s most recent projects include a mid-century modern home in Cincinnati, separate Park Avenue apartments for members of the same family, and a Nantucket vernacular summer home and guest house.

Denton House Design Studio

Denton House counts with some of the best interior designers in the world, and for over 20 years, the design firm has nurtured relationships with international consultants and vendors. They provide services in architecture, interior design, planning, and landscape. The firm has a modern and contemporary aesthetic style, combining classic and innovative principles to create high-end spaces.

Studio Giancarlo Valle

Studio Giancarlo Valle is an International award-winning New York-based design firm that is truly versatile, as it touches the worlds of architecture, interiors, and decorative arts. With a holistic approach, the studio creates interior design projects that are refined, playful, studied, and yet, unexpected. The design firm founder, Giancarlo, is one of the best interior designers in the world and his work is a true interior design inspiration!

Alyssa Kapito Interiors

Alyssa Kapito founded her own design firm in New York City and has developed a reputation for creating elegant, custom interiors that focus on beautiful textures and clean lines. Recent projects include a complete gut renovation of an Upper East Side pre-war apartment, a modern beach house in Bellport, and a chic family home in Beverly Hills. Alyssa does bespoke design like no other and she has been widely recognized for work in the design field. Recently, Alyssa was added to the prestigious “Elle Decor A-list”, one more proof that she is one of the best interior designers out there!

Caroline Kopp Interior Design

Caroline Kopp Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm dedicated to creating beautiful interiors that are truly customized. Founded by Caroline Kopp, one of the best interior designers out there, the design firm is versatile, as it combines beauty and function in the most harmonious way!

Elizabeth Roberts Architects

Elizabeth Roberts Architects integrates the practices of architecture and interior design into one clear, distinctive vision: past and tradition combined with innovative and contemporary design!

Stage One NYC

Stage One NYC is a design firm based in New York City that counts with some of the best interior designers in the business. They turn houses into homes, using customized furniture and bespoke design to create amazing interior design inspirations!

Covet HouseBoca do LoboLuxxuMaison ValentinaPullCastCircu



MARKZEFF is an international, full-service, design firm based in New York City. Currently, MARKZEFF counts with some of the best interior designers and architects in the business, and their projects are the epitome of customization. With innovation as its bedrock, the design firm delivers a cutting-edge design that is also elegant and sophisticated.

Ishka Designs

New York interior design firm specializing in residential interiors, restaurant design, and vacation properties. On board with the best interior designers, Ishka Designs masters the modern eclectic style. In 2020 and 2019, Ishka Designs was named to the Elle Decor A-List.

GRT Architects

Founded in 2014, GRT Architects is an architecture and design firm based in New York City. Their portfolio is impressive as they have worked for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. Their trademark is work that allies aesthetics with technical excellence, often in dialog with a historical fabric.

Leyden Lewis Design Studio

Leyden Lewis Design Studio is a New York-based design firm founded by one of the best interior designers in the world. Over the last thirty years, Lewis’s company has created culturally sensitive interior design projects around the world. The versatile design firm brings together the worlds of art, architecture, design, and performance, resulting in environments that are timeless and meaningful, true design inspirations that are meant to be lived and admired.


CAVdesign is an award-winning, interior design firm based in New York. Founded in 2009, the company’s principal is one of the best interior designers in the US, Jennifer Levy. CAVdesign incorporates their signature ‘object memory’ discovery process, finding out what objects, textures, patterns, and colors evoke the happiest of moments, integrating them into their interior design projects.

Lori Dubrow Design

Lori Dubrow is one of the best designers in the US, known for her creativity, and attention to detail with a focus on working directly with clients to achieve a cohesive and sophisticated design that compliments her clients’ lifestyle. Style and function merge to create great interior design inspirations! The design firm masters bespoke design and customization, using amazing storytelling to elevate their projects.

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