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Style at home magazine: 20 easy decor ideas for your home

Hi everyone. Starting today, “Interior Design Magazines”” will share with you 20 easy decor ideas for your home, revealed by the great magazine “Style at home“. This magazine offers you so much decor tips and tricks that we simply must share some of them.

You will find out easy and cheap decorating secrets that will transform your home. Whether it’s interior design tricks, home design ideas, organization advises or the accessories to use in your house, “Style at home“” gives you all the info you need.

Don’t forget to check the magazines’ March issue. It’s full of decorating ideas, tips from the professional interior designers and great organization tips and tricks that you will love.

"Style at Home magazine: 20 easy decor tips for your home"The March cover of Style at home magazine

Now it’s time for your to discover the first 10 easy decor ideas for your home. Get your notebook and write these fantastic tips and trick for your home. They are perfect for those who are making a home remodeling with a tight budget.

Simple decor idea #1 – “Take down all your paintings and other art and move them around to different walls or different rooms. It’ll be like seeing them for the first time.”

Simple decor idea #2 – “Pull a room together by choosing two contrast colours – black and white, say, or white and one bright colour – and use them as a repeating theme throughout, such as a row of yellow and white pillows on a sofa, or robin’s egg blue walls and all-white furnishings.”

Simple decor idea #3 – “Update lampshades with new ones in more contemporary shapes or simply fresh white shades”

"Style at home Magazine: 20 easy decor ideas for your home""Miles Table Lamp by Delightfull

Simple decor idea #4 – “Paint is the classic makeover potion. Instead of repainting a whole room, just paint one wall in a focal colour or paint a contrasting rectangle over a sofa to use as a “gallery” space. You can also paint the insides of bookshelves in an unexpected colour or paint your ceiling a lighter version of the wall colour. Update your kitchen with paint or any other space in your home.”

Simple decor idea #5 – “A classic display scheme ever since Victorian times: Create a gallery wall of family photos and other small pictures in matching (or contrasting) frames, arranged in a collage on a large wall such as a stairwell or hallway. (For best results, first create a plan by arranging them on the floor till you find the right composition and “balance.”) The art of arrangement is always stylish.”

Simple decor idea #6 – “A simple but effective tip: Edit your accessories. Too much of a good thing is too much. Try taking all your home decor accessories and putting them in a box, then putting them back one by one where they’ll have the most impact.”

"Style at home Magazine: 20 easy decor ideas for your home""Simple living room design

Simple decor idea #7 –  “Small details make all the difference: Beautiful coasters, interesting desk frames, a small but exquisite crystal vase filled with fresh flowers.”

Simple decor idea #8 – “Buy a half-dozen four-inch terra cotta pots and paint in a trio of coordinating colours. Plant with herbs and line the pots up on a kitchen windowsill.”

Simple decor idea #9 – “Inexpensive frame mouldings from the box store can transform a plain wall or hallway into an instant paneled look. Paint the mouldings in a contrasting shade or white.”

Simple decor idea #10 – “Re-tile kitchen backsplashes. Most backsplashes require only a few square feet of tile, so you can treat yourself to a fancy style or use plain porcelain tile for most of the surface. Then intersperse a few hand-painted or high-end tiles as accents.”

"Style at home Magazine: 20 easy decor ideas for your home""Kitchen blacksplashes

As you can understand these easy decor ideas revealed by “Style at home” can really make an impact in your home styling. These simple decorating ideas are great for those doing a home remodeling on a tight budget.

Don’t forget to check the March issue of “Style at home” ! Like we said “It’s full of decorating ideas, tips from the professional interior designers and great organization tips and tricks that you will love.”

Check “Interior Design Magazines” to see more fantastic and beautiful designs and to get useful tips for your home and advice on the best interior design magazines.

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Source: Style at home

Images: Delightfull, Most wanted interior design, Belle Maison

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