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Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Studio ADN

Studio ADN is a story of contemporary expression. Since 2001, it pursues the constant search for balance between the creation of interior architecture concepts revealing the identity codes of brands, houses, special homes, exceptional rooms, and the introduction of exclusive furniture. Shall we have a look?


The company, based in Paris for over two decades, has never stopped consolidating its multi-expert teams, as indicated by the launch of a second office in Lyon specialized in interior architecture in 2008. They combined their talents in areas such as furniture, packaging, signage, and visual identity, all of which are connected to architecture.



Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

The DNA approach, which is staunchly top-of-the-range, prioritizes the search for materials that represent the know-how of its consumers, the attention to detail that will set them apart, and the ergonomics of places and living environments that will welcome their audiences.

Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

The staging of the product or service utilizing a strong brand identification is highly valued in this style of narrative blended with functionalism, wanting to represent the history and values of its interlocutors.

Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Studio ADN has worked on various image issues for Korea, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and England, in the fields of cosmetics, hospitality, and private housing, with respect for local identities, integration of the natural environment, and consideration of heritage as a guideline, while infusing it with its architectural credentials (materials, lighting, furniture, seats).



Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Since 2001, Studio ADN has been balancing the design of interior architectural concepts that disclose the identification codes of companies, residences, private homes, and extraordinary places with the introduction of exclusive furniture.


Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

The studio, located in the heart of Dijon, designs and builds a home.



Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Elegance and sobriety were therefore the watchwords for the thorough redesign of these massive proportions, which were done in warm brown and gray tones.


Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Located on the 5th and last floor of a historic building in the heart of Dijon’s historic district, this renovation totals 150 square meters.


Studio ADN: Architecture Design Nomade

Lyon’s Airport Information Space has been designed as a plaza of services, bringing together tourist operators, transportation actors, and traveler reception.


Studio ADN: Architecture Design NomadePure lines, tonalities reduced to a blue tone, with highlights of gold and wood, pay homage to the brand’s origins.


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