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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Embrace Luxury in a Picturesque Scener

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Spectacular resorts for a great getaway

The winter has been harsh this year and we wish, more that ever, that fantastic summer weather. But what if you could escape the winter? What would be the best getaway destination?

Today “Interior Design Magazines” will share with you a selection of spectacular resorts for a great getaway made byFast Company Magazine . If you don’t know this publication you really must check it out! Fast Company Magazine focus on everything design related with a special attention to the influential people in the design world.

"Fast company magazine"Fast Company Magazine February cover

But today we will share with you the perfect resorts for a unforgettable getaway. You will see beautifully designed resorts that are the ideal place for a luxurious getaway for all the architecture lovers in the world. But don’t pack tour things yet! Some of these fantastic buildings are, unfortunately, still on paper

Spectacular resorts for a getaway

Bahamas – The honeycomb

Designed by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) this spectacular resort was presented a few days ago and we can only say: “good work”.Located in Bahamas the honeycomb resort has a special feature that will be appreciated by every guest: each and a every single one of the balconies have a private pool! All of them!  It will be  a luxurious getaway resort!

"Spectacular resorts for a great getaway"BIG luxurious resort design for Bahamas

Huzhou (China) –  Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Designed by: MAD

If you are an architecture lover and you need, now, to escape from the Winter… start packing. NOW! The Sheraton Huzhou Spring Resort is not on paper. It’s a spectacular resort that you can go today! It’s a beautifully designed resort that’s located in the perfect scenery. The Sheraton has all the ingredients for an unforgettable getaway!

"Spectacular resorts for a great getaway"The Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

Azerbaijan – Fairmont Baku, Flame Towers

Designed by: HOK

Build to look like flames, this spectacular resort has everything you need for a luxurious getaway: a great city view, fantastic restaurants, rooftop pools, a jazz bar and a cigar divan.

"Spectacular resorts for a great getaway" Flame Towers-  HOK

Sanya (China) – Sanya block 5

Designed by: NL Architects

The Sanya block 5 is still under construction but the designs show that this is the perfect resort for a private getaway. If you don’t to be recognized you’ll have your own private pathway from the elevator to the room. You can’t get more privacy that that!

"Spectacular resorts for a great getaway"Sanya block 5 – NL Architects

As you can see these spectacular resorts have everything you need for a special and luxurious getaway. These beautifully designed buildings are fantastic to look at, and, i believe, can offer you an unforgettable experience.

Don’t forget to check Fast Company Magazine .

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Source: Fast Company Magazine

Images: Business Insider, Condé Nast Traveller, Inhabitat

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