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Ovadia Design Group: Innovative Designs And State-of-the-art Spaces

Ovadia Design Group

Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. The team embodies a trifecta of passionate, highly-creative, and approachable talent with a wealth of experience working for top firms collectively around the nation. First and foremost, they believe in a personable and collaborative process between the staff and client with a primary concern for supreme service. This exemplary service model encompasses a cohesive relationship with the design team and Ovadia’s customers which has resulted in an unprecedented fulfilling and inspiring experience for the clients.


Ovadia Design Group: Innovative Designs And State-of-the-art Spaces

Principle Jack Ovadia’s broad and diverse background gained through the course of an illustrious career was a stepping stone that allowed him to acquire a strong sense of what to bring to the company’s clients. Beauty is found in all of the details: from choosing the perfect color pallet to highlighting the architecture of a room, every project and material is explored with the utmost precision.

Ovadia Design Group: Innovative Designs And State-of-the-art Spaces

From space and proportion challenges to juggling hard to find purchases and deliveries, Ovadia Design Group is poised and professional from the starting gate to the finish line. Patience and endurance will ensure a seamless experience from the inception to the completion of every project from a luxurious yet approachable home to a sleek and modern working environment. Thinking outside the box is paramount in today’s business world and that philosophy could not be held in higher regard than with Ovadia Design Group’s innovative designs and state-of-the-art spaces.


Ovadia Design Group: Innovative Designs And State-of-the-art Spaces

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