National Geographic’s photo of the day

The prestigious and worldwide magazine “National” Geographic” shares, every day, an amazing photo that is simply astonishing.  They give us the opportunity to see a fantastic picture about culture, naturethe themes are different each day.

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Seagulls, Alaska

“This image was taken while flying in a helicopter from Juneau, Alaska, to Cordova, Alaska. The four-hour flight routes through some of the most desolate areas of Alaska, including what is known as the Lost Coast. We were flying at elevations up to 15,000 feet near the Fairweather Range when my pilot wanted to then follow the coastline. As we turned the corner, the beach below was filled with what seemed to be millions of seagulls. The noise from the helicopter spooked the birds and wave after wave of gulls took flight below us. It was somewhat mesmerizing.”

National Geographic photo of the day: 2/12/13 - Seagulls, Alaska National Geographic's photo of the day National Geographic’s photo of the day seagull flock alaska 73869 990x742

Source: National Geographic