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National Geographic’s photo of the day: 18th February

Hi everyone. As usual, Interior Design Magazines will share with you the National Geographic‘s photo of the day. Why? Because National Geographic has the most fantastic pictures of the world. Every single day, the magazine reveals one astonishing photo about people, nature, animals, breathtaking views…the subjects are different but still, National Geographic has the best photos you will ever find.

Keep in touch with “Interior Design Magazines  and discover the National Geographic‘s photo of the day!

18th February photo

Saudi Arabia picture – Sheep picture – “Fleeting sheep

Photograph by Arshad Syed, National Geographic Your Shot

“I saw this herd of sheep while driving in the mountains outside the town of Al Bahah during a photography trip to Saudi Arabia,” says Arshad Syed, a member of National Geographic Your Shot. “The light was parallel to the slope, and the white sheep were glowing.”

Arshad Syed had stopped the car and, not wanting to lose time retrieving his tripod from the trunk, rested his camera on the car’s hood and zoomed in to fill the frame. “I looked at the camera to see the result, and when I went to take a few more pictures, the herd had disappeared,” he says. “It was an irresistible moment to capture—it looked like a cave drawing.”

This photo was submitted to Your Shot. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

Sheep picture - "National Geographic's photo of the day" 18th FebruarySaudi Arabia picture – Sheep picture – “Fleeting sheep

This Saudi Arabia picture is fantastic. The contrast between the sheep and the land is great. They really glow.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s National Geographic photo “Penned in.

Check “Interior Design Magazines” everyday to see the National Geographic‘s photo of the day! Enjoy!

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Source: National Geographic

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