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MUDE: Fall In Love With This Project Filled With Portuguese Tradition


MUDE, the Portuguese Museum of Design and Fashion, worked with over thirty Portuguese brands to display at Palacio de São Bento, the home to the Portuguese Prime-Minister. The exhibition explores the dialogue between a selection of pieces with others that already exist, to transform a place of sovereignty into an ‘epicenter of Portuguese culture’.


The Best Tapestry


The exhibition has around eighty-five pieces of different natures – furniture, lights, decorative objects, implements of agricultural products, tapestries, and scientific items – from the 12th to the 21st century, which reflect a very comprehensive understanding of design.

MUDE © Luisa Ferreira
MUDE © Luisa Ferreira

All the pieces were chosen with the intent to materialize a concept and mirror what is Portugal and the Portuguese culture. Bárbara Coutinho, the responsible for this amazing project, MUDE’s director, took three months to complete the whole project with was a ‘great challenge’ and ‘responsibility’. The exhibition, named “Design em São Bento — Traços da Cultura Portuguesa”, opened on January 25th and will remain available to the public for one and a half years.

MUDE © Luisa Ferreira

Rug’Society was one of the chosen brands to be apart of this very prestigious feat with the Antelope rug.

Antelope is the name we give to fabulous animals that are wild and hard to catch; its etymology is to allude to animals with long eyelashes. There are 91 species being the most famous ones from Africa – the Impala. The antelope’s horn is prized for supposed medicinal and magical powers in many places.

The horn of the male saiga, in Eastern practice, is known as an aphrodisiac for which it has been hunted nearly to extinction. Honoring this symbology, the ANTELOPE rug, made with botanical silk and wool, is ideal to bring magic to your projects.



Design Service 2019



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