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Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!This a top reference regarding Italian architecture, interior design, and product concepts. He was a part of the establishment of Studiodada Associates (known for its impact as one of the most representative companies of the period of Radical Design) having thereafter moved on to open his own interior design studio during the 80s. For Marco Piva believes that the trend of the future will be to put creativity and technology at the service of the more general expectations creating new cities, architectures and design products that will be conceived and realized starting from ethic to achieve aesthetic and function. This is one interior designer that you should definitely follow, so we are going to present to you his inspirations and ideas that he told in an exclusive interview with the CovetED Magazine! Are you ready to be inspired?

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

Being one of the world’s top references regarding Italian design and architecture, the interior designer became famous for having fluid and functional language transpire through his architectural creations, product design, and interior design. Marco Piva‘s incredible design studio develops its activities starting first from the “background” of a specific territory if we talk about master planning, of a specific character of the surrounding city if is an architecture, of the mean of a new product if is the case of a piece of industrial design.

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Marco Piva‘s studio is a good example of a project that values differentiation and innovation in many areas of design. His work has had an impact worldwide, proving once again that the Italian touch, when done right, is always special for an interior design project. Inspired by the incredible work of Italian historical legends, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Brunelleschi, Leon Battista Alberti and Palladio, his design projects are surely one of a kind!

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

More than an architect or an interior designer, Marco Piva is an innovator who describes himself as being very much in love with what he does. He has a typically Italian approach to everything he touches, by giving his all in directing the many projects he has. Whether it is an incredible design project or the idea for a bespoke furniture design for many a-listers in this industry Studio Marco Piva manages to play and fuse a series of elements in a successful Italian take.

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

“Architecture, interior, and product design merge in an asynchronous process to reach a unitary work, that assures continuity and fluidity of language in both stylistic and functional terms. I feel like a “director of an orchestra “, where music ” the project ” it is conceived creatively. That’s what I love most of my job.”

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

Marco Piva is known for having a careful approach to his design projects, by studying and creating innovative design solutions best described as having unique compositional sobriety and stylistic freedom to them. He always has the care to adapt to the culture of the location of the project in order to create a relationship of respect with the client. We are talking of locations such as China, the United States, India, Montecarlo, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, and Albania.

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

“The biggest challenge was to preserve its historical background, formally linked to the Belle Epoque architectural style, and at the same time connecting it to the modern buildings around, such as the Pirelli or Torre Galfa, symbols of modern Milan architecture and to the new development of Milano Porta Nuova in the background. My intention since the beginning was,  respecting the design timeline, to bring back this famous Hotel to its past splendor, launching it in the contemporary era, searching for a balance between the old and the new within a dynamic relationship of shapes, spaces and materials. ”

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When it came time to pick his favorite design project, Marco Piva knew the answer straight away: Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan. The main reason the architect gave for this choice was related to the fact that it was the one project where he had the chance of working on it as a whole, more specifically in factors such as its Architecture, the Interior Design, the Landscape, the Lighting, it’s Industrial Design and even on the choices for Artworks.

Marco Piva, An Italian Design Legend That Everybody Should Know!
Image Credit: Marco Piva

When asked about what changes he predicts or would like to see in the design industry Marco Piva’s answer left no doubt: the fusion of technology and creativity is a focal point for the survival of contemporary design. He also pointed out that concepts such as sustainability, alongside sobriety and simplicity, are concepts that will remain essential regarding present-day design concepts.


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