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Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier

Luxuriant Ambiances

Gilles & Boissier has had its inception in 2004, and since then, Dorothée Boissier and Patrick Gilles have managed to become quite the reference in architecture, interior design, and graphic design. Each of their projects or collections recounts a unique narrative that normally benefits from eclectic and contemporary design elements. In today’s article, we will show you some of their soul-stirring luxury hospitality interiors!

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier

With diverse projects at an international level, from private residential ones to hotels and restaurants to shops and yachts, they can provide a unique minimalistic yet extremely elegant atmosphere, in which their diverse – if not opposite – stances manage to create a luxuriant ambiance. The French aesthetic that Gilles & Boissier want to bring forward is vastly influenced by their formations and intrinsically different visions – a linearly logical for Gilles and one based on emotionally charged accents for Boissier – that works beautifully together.





Baccarat Hotel | New York

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier

The faithful encounter of the designers – partners at work as in life – led them to build a successful architecture, decoration and graphic design agency. Dorothee Boissier studied at the prestigious school of art direction and interior architecture Penninghen-Esag, in Paris, and then went to work with Christian Liaigre first and Philippe Starck later; the meeting with Patrick Gilles came to be at Christian Liaigre, from where Gilles & Boissier came into existence.

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier


Mandarin Oriental | Marrakech

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier

Different points of view and opposite aesthetics are at the core of the design company, founded in 2004: thanks to Remo Ruffini, who believed so much in them to hire them to design his 200 Moncler Italian shop, in addition to his private residence on the Lake Como, his chalet in Saint-Moritz and his yacht; then, it was the turn of Barry Sternlicht’s Baccarat Hotels. From that moment on, they were launched into design stardom.

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier


Café de l’Homme | Paris

Luxuriant Ambiances By Gilles & Boissier

In 2019 the designers will present the Art de Vivre collection – furniturelamps, and accessories for the home – based on mature yet carefree pieces created by the agency or chosen by their artists but always reflecting the common vision that they are sharing.

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