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Living Room Furniture: An Appreciation For Velvet

The right Living room furniture can completely transform your space. There is something about the use of velvet that makes the room feel much more luxurious and seductive. Perhaps it might be its soft and shiny texture that gives personality to any living room, or it might be the coziness it creates.
Once connected to nobility, this material is now loved by everyone and it incorporates nicely into any home decor.

Keep reading this article to see the amazing lines velvet can create!

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soft beige luxurious living room

Velvet sofas are trending this year. Design and color have an important weight on their integration in the environment and it helps you create a very specific personality. This neutral living room shows us how the Wales Sofa, in a soft beige, can be quite impressive. Its curved features and ruffled back makes this room even more elegant.

velvet texture and brass detail sofa

Even in living rooms with a touch of gold, velvet can take the center stage! The Pearl Sofa is quite imposing with its texture and brass detail, and its a much luxurious touch.


gray sofa in an elegant living room

dark grey sofa with two grey single armchairs


BRABBU upholstery Malay chair


To many, simplicity is the key to a successful living room. This space shows us how neutral colors such as grey can still make a difference and be considered elegant. It still adds the essence we are looking for in a living room, be it comfort or simply aesthetic. The Nau Sofa, upholstered in velvet, has a unique and memorable feature and turns this living room into an adventure.


pink and trendy big sofa living room

salmon and comfortable armchair


House of Boca do Lobo NYC


If you want your living room to make a statement, choosing unusual colors can be what makes that dream come true. Pink can be an overlooked color, due to its connection to femininity. However, one can make a lavishing contrast of colors and make pink look extremely trendy. Curvy lines, such as the Fitzroy sofa and Essex armchair, fully upholstered in cotton velvet, add an organic element to the room and it makes a bold statement. Pink velvet is quite exquisite and it will make your guests stand in awe.


beige sofa in a large living room
cotton velvet single armchair

To have a warm, cozy and comfortable space and at the same time be a reference of modern interior design, your best option is to combine the rest of the living room with the OTTER Single Sofa. These neutral living rooms inspired by the grandeur of the outside world, allow creating a modern room.

green velvet sofa in a brownish living room

two single blue armchairs with yellow pillows in a living room

As green and blue are somehow connected with nature, it is a great choice for a living room. The Andes 2 Seat Sofa makes up for modernity. With matte-aged brass legs and covered in a rich cotton velvet upholstery, pays tribute to the strength and grandeur of the Andes mountains and the surviving skills of the people who live there.


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