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Inside Porto’s New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal

Inside Porto’s New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal  – Located in one of the most famous streets in the city, this new boutique hotel takes you back to the 1920s with its unique interior design! The incredible Secret From Portugal magazine has taken us to its magnificent interiors. Take a look!

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Is in Avenida dos Aliados in the beautiful Porto city in Portugal that we can find the Monumental Palace Hotel, a unique boutique hotel which interior design was created by the famous Portuguese interior design duo, Oitoemponto! The incredible design magazine called Secrets From Portugal has given us a glance at what we can expect of this vintage luxury hotel!

Inside Porto's New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal

Inspired by the vintage style of the iconic 1920s, this boutique hotel is a trip to the past that really shows the authenticity of that era.  The building is illuminated on one of the most important arteries of the city of Porto, also known as “Invicta” or “The Undefeated city”.

Inside Porto's New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal

Inside Porto's New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal

Oitoemponto created the unique interior design of the whole boutique hotel. The French style and the chic ambiance was a throwback to the belle époque, a period marked by the end of World War I, and in which, therefore, the cosmopolitan spirit of fun took over Europe.

Inside Porto's New Luxury Hotel With Secrets From Portugal

Le Monumental Palace Hotel pretends to be your luxury residence in the heart of Porto and it is composed of 63 rooms complemented by 13 suites with unique luxury and refinement. Each corner of the luxury hotel is a declaration of love to the 20s, which mixes French and Portuguese design in a single space never seen before.

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The luxury hotel features a unique luxury restaurant where chef Julian Montbabut introduces a modern and bright French cuisine with Portuguese details served in three exceptional settings. Inside we can also find a luxurious spa that features a heated pool as well as multiple relaxing massages.



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