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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Embrace Luxury in a Picturesque Scener

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Hugo Toro: The Architect-narrator

Hugo Toro

Since a young age, Hugo Toro has absorbed much of the beauty that surrounds him. A way of life for this Franco-Mexican architect and decorator who has found a real medium in his many disciplines.


Hugo Toro: The Architect-narrator


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Architect, interior designer, and a bit of an artist, that’s how Hugo introduces himself. The French architect is the eccentric founder of an agency whose style can be described as “diverse, endless, and eclectic”. Looking back on his studies, the interior designer obtained a general baccalaureate which allowed him to access his first master’s degree in interior architecture at the Penninghen school in Paris. In order to feel accomplished and ready to develop his talent, Hugo Toro completed his second master’s degree in architecture, a course shared between two very different cities: Vienna and Los Angeles.


Hugo Toro: The Architect-narrator


This exceptional decorator runs his own studio which employs around twenty people and works on restaurants in Paris, London, Dubai, Rome, and Cannes, hotels in the Paris region, private homes, and estates.


Hugo Toro: The Architect-narrator


Hugo Toro has always been sensitive and interested in the beautiful, but more so in his own world, in objects, and in various structures. Every year, his mother and he would repaint and refinish the furniture in the house.


Drawing and painting served as an escape. They enabled him to develop his own way of expressing himself and to find the right language to express his sometimes fragmented and incomplete view of the world around him.


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Hugo, as previously stated, is a dual citizen of France and Mexico. This uniqueness may be found in his works and inspirations. He is influenced by both European and South American influences. After successfully combining the attention to detail of Art Nouveau and Otto Wagner with the atmosphere and materiality of his loos, Adolf immerses his head in the modernist of Luis Barragán and returns to the analytic study of Zaha Hadid’s paintings.


Hugo Toro: The Architect-narrator


Painting and installation are significant to the artist. He is inspired by Richard Long, Cy Twombly’s passion and gesture vocabulary, and Gerhard Richter’s precision and ambiguity.




Hugo’s dedication has landed him on AD’s Top 100 Interior Designers list. The most prestigious list among interior designers.





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