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Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler

Interior Design Magazines exclusive interview with Suzanne Kasler. Inspired by architecture, art, fashion, and travel, Suzanne Kasler designs spaces and products that are luminous, distinctive, and timeless. Suzanne’s designs always reference the past but move towards the future with an edited and discerning eye on the present. Mixing the high and the low, traditional and contemporary, the new and the old — creating signature interiors and products that convey sophisticated simplicity. Her designs inspire everyone to live a more beautiful, stylish, and authentic life.

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Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler



For Suzanne being a designer is her passion. She has a never-ending love for beautiful, interesting places and things. Also, working and connecting with so many unique people always inspiring for her. The most challenging time of her career was moving to Atlanta over twenty years ago and starting her own business. Her husband was transferred with his company, Steelcase, from Indianapolis. She used to have a wonderful business there with friends and family. However, as time unfolded, it became clear that being in Atlanta and the South was really the best thing for her career. “There is an incredible design community, with the best showrooms, vendors and so many wonderful architects and clients.” – said Suzanne. For her, life is a constant evolution so she doesn’t look at achieving certain goals, she looks at being present, appreciative and continuing to stay relevant and always evolving.


Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne always dreams about houses and now during the covid-19 pandemic, she and her husband decided to get a Palm Beach condominium and to build a family mountain house at High Hampton in Cashiers. “I have always loved Palm Beach and I have been going there for years and the community at High Hampton, with its historic inn and Blackberry Farm partnering made it the place for us.” – explained the designer. At work, she feels fulfilled when she is creating a beautiful and comfortable lifestyle for her clients. “Making the world more beautiful one house at a time. And one of the most special things for me are the relationships and friendships along the way.” – said Suzanne.



Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler



When it comes to communicating with her audience, the designer divided it into two moments: with the support of magazine editors early on in her career. This really allowed her to connect with an audience on a national level. But then, when she decided she wanted to write a book with Rizzoli, it changed everything on her business. Doing a book gave her the chance to really showcase her design philosophy and point of view. From that, Instagram and social media gave to her work continued followers, to loyal book-readers and general design-enthusiasts, who see her projects in magazines. “I like to approach each audience different but with the same enthusiasm and style.” – she said.


Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler


At the moment Suzanne and her team are working on an exciting international project in Scotland. The client hired them during the covid-19 pandemic so they have done the entire project on Zoom. It is a historic manor house designed by the architect Archibald Simpson, in 1830. They are planning to install it in the Fall of 2021. One of the biggest trends that Suzanne has seen with the covid-19 pandemic is that people have really started to appreciate and understand that home is everything. “Having the home be such a key part of their life; it’s valuable to focus on the details of how you live, decorate and make your home.” – stated the designer.


Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler


Describing her type of client, Suzanne explained that there is one thing in common with all of her clients: they all love design. Indeed they have diverse clients from diverse places all over the country. Currently, the designer has collaborations with her partners: Hickory Chair, Ballard Designs, Visual Comfort, La Cornue and Lee Jofa. They are continuing to design new products for each of these collections. And then, she is also excited to have new collaborations with WestPoint Home, bedding and linens, and also, Mirror Image Home.


Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler


Exclusive Interview With Suzanne Kasler



When it comes to craftsmanship, the designer and her team work with an incredible team of local workrooms and she always feels impressed with how they translate her creative vision into reality. Her resources are the most valuable part of her process and are essential to a designer’s work. For the future of the world’s design, as mentioned previously, the way people see and feel their homes changed completely. “Thinking of how the last year and a half year has really shifted to focus on our homes; I think that will continue and people will really invest in designers and their own personal spaces.” – said Suzanne Kasler.

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