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Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends! – 2019 is the year to bet one a unique interior design project that really reflects your bright and strong personality. Find the inspiration that you need in these incredible color tones that are going to be in season this year!

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The 2019 color trends are an explosion of sensations… The emotional and taste combination is going that will be the ultimate foundation for a unique interior design project that really reflects your personality as well as your sense of style and taste! Find the perfect harmony between these two concepts, and the final result of your project will be breathtaking! Here the top 5 unique color tones that will be hot this year:

#1 NEO MINT:Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

This is the color of the future that everyone will want to use, but just a few interior design enthusiasts will really appreciate! Refreshing without frost, different but not abnormal, altruistic and refined, the neo mint tone is a retro color that not only shows the future but takes you to the past at the same time! Whether it is on the wall or in unique lighting design, like the letter Q from Delightfull’s graphics collection, this retro color is the key to a successful vintage style project!

#2 TAWNEY BROWN:Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

Bring a cozy luxurious feeling to your living room décor with a Tawney brown inspired interior design. When paired with a warm fireplace, a soft black and a hot café au lait, in the winter season, this unique color tone is the cherry on the top of the cake because it brings the meaning of coziness into your home décor! This nostalgic color doesn’t have to be in massive furnishings or on the walls, a unique lighting design like the bronze Botti Pendant will do the trick!

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#3 DUSK BLUE:Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

On a cold winter day, most people think about the warmness and peacefulness of a summer beach day… What if I could tell you that you can incorporate the calmness of the beach waves into your interior design project? That’s right, like the sea, the blue color tone can bring serenity to our minds but also to our home décor. You can choose something bold and creative like the number 9 of Delightfull’s graphics collection, or paired it up with something more neutral like the brand’s Coltrane suspension, one of the brand’s best sellers!

#4 CLOUD PINK:Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

For timeless interior design, pink is the way to go! Whatever the season, year or decade, this color tone has been loved through the years by the interior design enthusiasts. Its timeless aesthetic can adapt in any design style and in any type of project! This natural feminine color tone looks perfect with gold and black (innocence and power) and will bring a unique sense of glamour and sophistication into your interior design project. For example, the velvety Essex armchair by Brabbu can be easily paired up with Delightfull’s black floor lamp (Simone) or placed next to the brand’s Billy white table lamp!

 #5 BLACK AND GREY:Discover Your Personality In These 2019 Color Trends!

These two rich and versatile color tones are a timeless symbol of a modern décor! Whatever the season or year the neutral glamorous black is always a good idea…Despite the negative connotation, black and grey are also the symbols of luxury, wealth and elegance! For modern home décor, add a futuristic touch like the black geometric table lamp (Atomic) or a retro statement piece (letter W)!


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