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Discover Here The Best Interior Designers From Paris

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Paris Best Interior Designers style and French country décor get the furniture to impact a flowing feel to a living space. Lines are curved, while there is no hint of ornamentation or opulence, as natural materials, like wood with carvings and a low-key finish, are used. Let’s discuss some aspects of French-style interior design that stand out, talking about different kinds of Parisien interior design styles, and then moving on to elements design styles in different kinds of living spaces.

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Since 2001, Studio ADN has been pursuing a constant search for balance between the creation of interior architecture concepts revealing the identity codes of brands, houses, private homes, exceptional places and the introduction of exclusive furniture.

Agence Benny Benlolo

Benny Benlolo it’s the founder and interior architect of Benlolo Architectes Based in his hometown of Paris, he meets with clients at his practice in the 8th arrondissement.



Agence Christophe Pillet

In the Christophe Pillet work, the elegance is optimized. Pillet’s perfect command of sensuality and refinement has made him one of the rare French designers who have gained global recognition designing hotels, boutiques, and directing artistic projects in the USA, Great Britain, and Japan.

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Agence Véronique Cotrel

Véronique Cotrel is an interior designer in Paris and can assist you in all stages of an architectural project, from conception to completion. Pre-project studies, details, choice of materials, consultation of companies, and follow-up of the work.

Anne-Sophie Pailleret

Paris-based interior designer Anne-Sophie Pailleret is known for creating spaces that feel elegant and precious but never overdone. The firm’s projects range from private homes to public commissions.

Ateliers Gohard

For more than 60 years, Ateliers Gohard has been passionately creating exceptional finishes based on gold leaf and contemporary materials. Ateliers Gohard, a living heritage company, works within the luxury and high luxury decoration, for major designers, prestigious hotels and historical monuments.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel studying at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux. The recognition of his work has resulted in numerous awards in France and abroad. In France, he has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medal of the French Academy of Architecture, two Équerres d’Argent and the French National Grand Prix for Architecture.

Bismut & Bismut

Founded by Daniel and Michel Bismut, French architects and interior designers. They conceive personal and unique designs for residential projects and commercial projects, including high-end Apartments, Embassies, Hotels and Concept Stores worldwide.

Borella Art Design

Established in 1981, Christine Borella-Snozzi Interior Designer and Nicola Borella Set & Interior Designer, have distinguished themselves in designing, creating and renovating four and five-star luxury hotels, as well as carrying out prestigious projects for companies, the residential sector as well as Interior Yacht design.

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Bruno Borrione

Bruno Borrione was a diplôme in d’architecte d’intérieur / Interior design degree. Founded in 1993 the Bruno Borrione Office.

Caroline Keslassy

Caroline Keslassy is a French interior designer and architect. She is known for her informal yet bold aesthetic remaining contemporary, different and endless. Her specialty is creating mesmerizing designs in residential, boutique, and office projects. Her biggest source of inspiration is her hometown, Paris.

Carré Lumière Sarl

Carré Lumière Sarl is a shop specialising in the sale of lighting, furniture and decoration in Annemasse and Thonon-les-Bains.

Chahan Interior Design

Chahan Minassian founded in 1993 the Chahan Interior Design. Multiple projects in North America, Europe, and the Far East, from commercial spaces for luxury brands to private residences.


CHZON, a global design agency specializing in hospitality design was founded by Dorothee Meilichzon. They have worked on over 50 projects.

Cochet Païs Architecture

Cochet Païs Architecture & Interior design is a family-run architectural agency created by two cousins, interior designers, and project managers, who enjoy unique complicity and complementarity. Multidisciplinary teams innovate with enthusiasm, transforming the project into a true work of art.


Founded by Arolld El-Baze, with projects from commercial, hospitality, residential, and retail. Their project style it’s a contemporary and modern classic.


DesignByCN was founded by Caroline Nahmany. An interior design, decoration, architecture, renovation of apartments, Maisons, and hotels.



Elliott Barnes Interiors

In 2004 Elliott Barnes created his own agency. Thanks to his sense of aesthetics, he was immediately solicited for high-end projects: private, retail, institutional spaces, hotels, spas, in France and abroad.

Emmanuelle Simon Architecture

Emmanuelle applies a global vision to her projects, from architecture to individual objects. She considers all of her projects to be unique, giving them each a strong identity.

Except Design

Samuel Elbilia says that Architecture has always been his vocation. He found the Except Design in 2009. His approach favors a contemporary style through work on form, color, and material while respecting the history and the particular typology of each place.

Fabrizio Casiraghi

Fabrizio Casiraghi redefines a free modernity. He developed his style and his artistic sensibility at prestigious interior design studios focusing on hotel and retail projects along with several private residences all over the world.

FHTT Studio

Julie Fuillet Studio is an architectural & design studio founded by the architect and designer Julie Fuillet. Their skills are retailed & hospitality spaces, in particular luxury hotels.

Franz Potisek

Franz Potisek works in France and in lots of other countries, decorating, always with the complicity with his clients, apartments, country houses, townhouses, boutiques, and hotels that are a reflection of the owners. Franz Potisek continues to seek the perfect balance and to tell stories through the interior décors, with his fantasies and choices.

Garf Paris

Heir to the innate refinement of lighting, françois joseph graf is an extravagant and humanist who has an extraordinary career: an architect, a powerful and renowned patron, a world-renowned interior decorator and designer, and an aesthetic scholar who loves french luxury and lives art as a vocation, with generosity, rigor, and talent.

Gensler Paris

Since 1965, Gensler is a global design firm that partners with clients to create more livable cities, smarter workplaces, and more engaging leisure destinations.

Gesa Hansen

Gena Hansen design is inspired by the heritage of her family, with Scandinavian background and the strong contrast between the two countries that taught her how to be a designer.

J.C.T. Interiors

J.C.T was founded in 1979 with contemporary and classic projects. They create and realize unique interiors for clients: private individuals, companies, hotels and resorts.

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Laura Gonzalez / Pravida Arkitect

Founded in 2008 by Laura Gonzalez, she is known to conceive places with a remarkable identity. Nowadays her fame allows her to deal with international renowned French Houses like Cartier, Christian Louboutin, Pierre Hermé and l’Occitane.

Les Ateliers Du Décorateur (LADD Architecture)

The creations of LADD Interior Designers bring to life the design and decoration projects in private homes as well as in professional spaces.

Lina Ghotmeh

In the genius of simplicity and the elegance of sobriety, Lina Ghotmeh’s architecture promises the forms of tomorrow. She has been awarded several prizes including the Ajap prize in 2008 and the Dejean prize of the Academy of Architecture in 2016.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton’s spirit of adventure is expressed through its unique heritage, values, and rigorous spirit of innovation and ingenuity, the boldness of its creations, and the demand for perfection in its designs. Leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, watches, and jewelry.


LovMyB is not only a story but an adventure, that of Pauline and Marion, two sisters who, when they became mothers, saw their world transformed through smaller eyes, smaller in size but larger in-depth, spectrum, and above all innocence.

Maison Darré

Maison Darré has had several lives, moving from fashion to decoration, making his homes the laboratory of his extravagant creativity. Although he is said to be whimsical and baroque, Vincent Darré is above all free and agile.

Malherbe Paris

Founded 24 years ago, Malherbe Paris is an independent creative agency and an international leader in retail design. The agency creates innovative concepts for brands from retail to luxury.

Michael Malapert

Creation is the reason why Michael Malapert became a designer and interior architect 16 years ago. Since then, he has been advising people with innovative, original, cross-disciplinary projects.

Moinard Bétaille

With boutiques on all continents, which are anything but standardised, evolve with the times and are not alike. Each one offers a luxury experience. Moinard Bétaille, with its 45 employees, uses cutting-edge techniques, mastered with wisdom, aiming for timelessness rather than for something new that ages so quickly.


RDAI’s legacy stretches back to the firm’s founding in 1972 by the much-admired interior designer, Rena Dumas. Long-renowned for elegant interiors their experience and creativity allows them to embrace every aspect of design from the city to the chair, the place to the object.

Rodolphe Parente

Inspired by the work of famous interior designers such as Pierre Chareau, Gio Ponti or Carlo Scarpa, Rodolphe Parente decided to study interior design and product design.

Sandra Benhamou Interior Design

Sandra Benhamou is a top French interior designer that founded her design company in 2010. With an amazing background in cinema and a massive passion for art, she decided to take the next step, and combine the power of art with the interior design industry.



SA Voltex Luminaire & Mobilier

Voltex luminaires & Mobilier have lighting and design furniture.

SC Editions / Stéphanie Coutas

Stéphanie Coutas the founder of SC Edition, an agency specialising in luxury interior design and decoration in France and around the world.

Studio Ko

The studio was created by Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty who have applied their elemental statement to all scales of their projects. Rooted in classical training, the duo affirms a global and immersive approach to their profession, from architecture to interior design and furniture design. At the heart of their approach are uncompromising freedom and the need to create a unique narrative, most in tune with the truth of the context.

Studio MHNA

From the very beginning, this Parisian studio for interior design and decoration has been imagining, conceiving, and developing projects with highly personalized creative atmospheres. And at the core of all these projects have been two notions: sophistication and luxury.

Studio Putman

This studio is an interior design agency created by Andrée Putman. Since 2007, her daughter, Olivia Putman, is running the company. They design hotels, offices, private residences, commercial spaces all over the world.

Thierry Lemaire

Architect, interior designer, but more essentially a refined aesthete. For the past twenty years, Thierry Lemaire has successfully achieved the implementation of deluxe apartments and private houses, while recently, he has created new public spaces in the Parisian capital.

Wilmotte & Associés S.A.

Jean-Michel Wilmotte founded his own architecture firm in Paris in 1975.
Jean-Michel Wilmotte takes an interest in everything in equal measure: from the most improbable to the most obvious, from the top of the range to the most economical, from the smallest thing to the most imposing.

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