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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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Design Meetings With Luxe Chic and Decoration

Luxe Chic and Decoration

With a master’s degree in finance from the Sorbonne in Paris, Julia Simon Moraly embarked on a career in banking in Paris and Monaco for ten years.

However, throughout this period, she never lost sight of her passion: the embellishment of interiors and the optimization of small spaces, commonplace in urban centers.

As a result, faced with this recurring appetite, Julia took the leap to decide to live from what she loves. That is the taste for beautiful things, the love for the right way, the inclination for elegance without falling into the inappropriate exaggeration of “too much”.

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So, she left everything to pursue specialized training and a diploma to be able to support and advise her very diverse clients in the best possible way but always guided by the aesthetic concern, which resembles interior haute couture.

Today, she owns Luxe Chic & Decoration and, together with her team, advises and supports people on interior embellishment projects.

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Living in Monaco, every square meter is expensive and Julia feels it shouldn’t, therefore, be wasted. The optimization and functional rendering of spaces is something she really loves. For Julia, every corner has a purpose and should be taken into consideration. Nothing should be left out, and all space should be utilized. This is what she prioritizes the most when creating spaces.

Design MEEtings With Luxe Chic & Decoration


Besides all the use of space, for Julia Moraly nothing speaks louder than pure lines. They are timeless and nothing prevents the combination of more diverse forms in the decoration. Therefore, the basic lines of the projects she does are simple and pure.

The interior designer says she doesn’t have a style per se, she always tries to make the projects look like the clients. There is no greater satisfaction than when a client tells her “this it’s me, it looks like me”.

However, Julia admits to having a strong preference for the neoclassical style: the combination of the contemporary and the antique is very appealing to her. Such that, her own house reflects that very style. Julia says she has a pure neoclassical product with a stylish, contemporary kitchen and an ultra-crafted marble carpet floor with herringbone floorboards.


The inspiration for the projects she says comes to her from a variety of sources. “The mood of the moment, we start with a color and then work through the materials and colors, or a coating that catches my eye. It’s often when I’m looking for materials or atmospheres that inspiration is most likely to come.”


It’s actually very easy to get inspired, Monaco being a beautiful city where Julia Moraly primarily works. Julia tells us Monaco gives her that cozy, Mediterranean feel, where the sun and sea are omnipresent, even in the interiors!

But her heart is swayed between two cities: Monaco, the city of her heart, and Paris her hometown, where she also has projects. She loves Parisian architecture, can’t get enough of it, and it is also a great source of inspiration for the interior designer.

Design MEEtings With Luxe Chic & Decoration

Besides incredible sources of inspiration, Moraly also focuses on the quality of the products she works with, as clients don’t want low-quality products that don’t last. There is nothing like having beautiful products that last for the pleasure of a beautiful home.

To find this, Julia has worked with one of the brands that Meetsales represents, of course! 🙂 The chosen one was PullCast. When asked why, Julia Moraly says there’s nothing more elegant than beautiful doorknobs/cabinets, etc. “I was talking about details and that’s part of it. There aren’t many companies that do quality and beautiful design like Pullcast. It’s a win-win situation. I’ve used it for many projects and I’m extremely satisfied.”

Julia loves the metals, and the choice of finishes, in addition to the designs, which she says are really diverse, with a wide range of metals to match any type of interior. And we are very happy that a customer describes a brand like PullCast so well!


Julia Simon Moraly will certainly still have a lot to do and of course, we wanted to know what’s next for Luxe Chic & Decoration. Julia tells us the goal is to grow, but still on a human scale. Julia Moraly intends to continue to offer excellent service because as long as she offers value for money, clients are satisfied and will recommend her.

And we will keep up with that growth and all the amazing projects Luxe Chic & Decoration do!


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