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Celebrities’ favorite designers and architects: a list to read!

We all have our favorite designers and architects. Some works by certain people make an impact, inspiring us to get to work and recreate some projects in our own houses.

Often in the most prestigious magazines we find a celebrity house styled by a famous and prestigious interior designer, but who are star’s favorites? Whose work inspires celebrity’s like Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, John McEnroe, Sting, and so on?

Architectural Digest asked some of the most famous people in the world who are the designers and architects that they absolutely love.  “Interior Design magazines” will share it with you!


“ “The work of Shelton, Mindel & Associates seamlessly integrates architecture, interior design, and landscape. In short, [it’s] a timeless art form.”

Celebrity's favorite designers: Sting's London Living Room renovated by Shelton, Mindel & AssociatesSting’s London living room was renovated by  Shelton, Mindel & Associates

Diane Keaton

Stephen Shadley is a great collaborator. Over the years I’ve seen him work with a wide variety of clients and stylistic approaches. He listens to people in a way that makes them feel like they’re part of the process. Steve is an inspiration on all fronts, and, believe me, that’s a rare quality.”

Celebrity's favorite designers and architects: Diane Keaton, Stephen ShadleyA library designed by Stephen Shadley at Diane Keaton’s Beverly Hills house

Tomas Maier

“I admire how Toshiko (Mori) explores ideas and responds intellectually, allowing them to evolve to create something that is perfect and lasting.”

Celebrity's favorite designers and architects: Tomas Maier, Toshiko MoriSean Kelly’s bedroom designed by Toshiko Mori Architects. Hudson Valley, New York

John McEnroe

“I can definitely relate to the passion and the intensity that Richard (Mishaan) brings to each and every project he is involved with. He goes all out.”

Celebrity's favorite designers and architects: John McEnroe, Richard Mishaan“The master suite at Richard Mishaan’s home in Cartagena, Colombia”

 Mark Whalberg

“My wife, Rhea, and I have been huge fans of Richard Landry’s work for years, and after visiting many of the homes he’s designed, we dreamed of having one of our own. His team has carefully listened to our needs and really impressed us with their creative ideas and first-class service.”

Celebrity's favorite designers and architects: Mark  Wahlberg, Richard LandryThe Los Angeles home of Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady, designed by Richard Landy

Tom Cruise

“I have been fortunate to have worked with some great designers throughout my career. In film, a space needs to communicate story, character. Light and colors are used to define an emotional tone. Michael and Alex (Atelier AM) understand this and apply this philosophy to the day-to-day experience of living. They have wide range and exceptional taste, and they are really fun to work with. What else could one ask for?”

Celebrity's favorite designers and architects: Tom Cruise, Atelier AMThe living room of an Aspen home designed by Atelier AM.

These are just some of the celebrity’s favorite interior designers and architects. Just like they have a preferred style and admire talented people that innovate in the design world.

Sources: Architectural Digest


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