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CannonDesign: The Best Design Projects


This company is not only an architecture firm but also an engineering one. With passion and love for what they do, CannonDesign creates bespoke pieces of art that are more than dignified and of utmost importance for their clients.






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York University Student Centre, Toronto, Ontario, CA

York University in Toronto has one of the most diverse student populations in the world. Its more than 55,000 students represent nearly every ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, identity, and ability. But as one of the largest universities in North America with a high proportion of commuters, it can be hard for students to find others like themselves. So back in 2013, the student body voted to make a change.

Their idea was to build a second student center devoted solely to student space. This idea was put to the test in 2013 in a special referendum. Close to 10,000 student votes were cast—the highest voter turnout in the history of Canadian post-secondary institutions—with approximately 90 percent voting in favor.



Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine, Pasadena, CA

As one of the leading healthcare providers in the country, Kaiser Permanente has created a new School of Medicine to train the next generation of leaders in medicine.

Kaiser Permanente sought a school unfettered by the traditional pedagogy of academic medical centers but also detached from typical campus amenities. This pushed the design team to reimagine the typology entirely. How does one envision, on a tight urban site, all the components needed for first-rate medical education?

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CJ Blossom Park, South Korea

A typical day-in-the-life for a researcher at CJ Blossom Park might look like this: Drop off children at the on-site daycare; have breakfast at the first-floor café; take an afternoon meditation break in the “living forest”; an exercise in the on-site gym; catch a quick nap in a sleeping pod; conduct intensive R&D work in an environment named the best new laboratory in the world in 2018.

University of Utah, Lassonde Studios, Salt Lake City, UT

“What if you could live, eat, sleep and build your startup from scratch, all in one spot? That’s just reality for students living and working in Lassonde Studios at the University of Utah,” wrote editor Áine Cain of Business Insider in regards to Lassonde Studios.

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada

Medicine, like art, builds off its own history and discoveries. The Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) combines modern healthcare delivery, history-rich landmarks, public art, and urban architecture to create an academic medical center unlike any other. The project—the largest new hospital in North America—has become not just a healthcare destination, but a cultural landmark and a new part of Montreal’s rich history.

UC San Diego Health, Jacobs Medical Center, La Jolla, CA

Medicine is on a constant trajectory of improvement. Patients expect the best treatments that will allow them to live full, long lives. Doctors want technology that will make it easier to treat their patients and improve their own physical and mental well-being.

Jacobs Medical Center is the embodiment of moving medicine forward through building design, innovative healthcare delivery, and smart technology. These three elements work seamlessly together to create an environment where patients can heal and doctors can spend time on care—resulting in optimal outcomes.

Atlassian, Mountain View, CA

Atlassian’s founders have always been committed to creating a business environment where people can be their authentic selves.

That creed has served them well as they’ve built Atlassian into an incredibly successful software development company with 3,000+ staff serving more than 150K customers from offices in seven countries. Even more tangible evidence of Atlassian’s commitment to its people exists in the form of Best Place to Work awards secured on multiple continents.

Kaiser Permanente Radiation Oncology Center, Anaheim, CA

Traditionally, radiation treatment centers are placed below ground to accommodate heavy equipment and to shield radiation. These spaces serve a very functional purpose and are typically barren of natural light and amenities that support the psychological and emotional needs of cancer patients. Kaiser Permanente did not want to build that type of facility. Instead, the health system sought to create a state-of-the-art medical center that brought its oncology radiation services above ground and into the light.

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge Campus, Cambridge, MA

The opportunities for pharmaceutical innovation are more plentiful than ever. Every year, the FDA is approving more and more “novel drugs” and innovative products that serve previously unmet medical needs or otherwise significantly help to advance patient treatments. And across the last 10 years, one organization has come out on top with more pharmaceutical approvals than any other: Novartis.

Rockford Public School District 205, Elementary School Prototype, Rockford, IL

The K-5 years of a child’s life—the experiences, what they learn, etc.—are crucial to who they become as adults. Yet children are a segment of the population that have little power or say in the way they learn. To challenge this paradigm, we designed a new elementary school prototype for Rockford Public School District with children as opposed to for them. The prototype, which has been applied to two schools, Cherry Valley Elementary School and Constant Lane Elementary School, creates a learning environment that celebrates the curiosity and imagination of children and offers choice in how they learn.

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