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‘Bloom’ With Interior Design | Attitude Magazine

‘Bloom’ With Interior Design – Attitude Magazine – The present issue of Attitude holds into that feeling of renovation and self-improvement that comes with Spring and is blooming with great content, pun intended. Interior design enthusiasts and professionals alike, get ready to be inspired! Interior Design Magazines‘ is glad to share all the highlights!

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'Bloom' With Interior Design

‘Bloom’ With Interior Design

Attitude Magazine

'Bloom' With Interior Design

The latest edition of Attitude Magazine is an ode to change, to new beginnings, and to Spring, with its blooming and regenerative capacities. Its conceptual line follows the idea of returning “to the earth, as a ‘Rebirth’ of a ‘New Art’” and its eyes are set on the future.

ATTITUDE Magazine – The ‘Bloom’ Issue Interior Design Magazines’Top Picks

Meet Kanso House, an upper floor in a chaotic street that bears contrasting tranquility, designed by The Melange Studio. The project’s main goal was to build a refugee inside what is known as one of the busiest areas in Dheli, India, having Japanese Zen architecture as inspiration.

Kanso is, in a matter of fact, the Japanese word for simplicity. The concept is reflected by the monotone palette and minimalistic design options, that provide an immediate sense of quietness and give the actual impression of a faraway retreat, distanced from the bustling city.

Thomson Single Sofa + Waltz Nightstand

'Bloom' With Interior Design
PHOTO: Frank Frances

Step inside the iconic Pink House, the Greenwich Village property designers power-couple Cortney and Robert Novogratz rescued from abandonment. The renovation project for this historic building, a former meeting point for artists and the Manhattan elite, was conceived bearing in mind its powerful legacy. Now a private family home, the space is bright and colorful, and the spitting image of its creators.

Shard Suspension +Charla Bar Chair

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'Bloom' With Interior Design

Maniera, a Belgian gallery dedicated to Design has just found a new home, a preserved Art Deco building in Brussels. Hôtel Danckaert, also known as Villa Dewin, and its magnificent gardens are heritage sites and, naturally, a mandatory pit-stop in case you’re in town. The interior design was developed by Ateliers d’Art De Coene.

As a housewarming event in the new address, Maniera is showcasing 15 new pieces that sustain a dialogue with the gallery space, as if they belong to its structure. The inaugural group show unveils works from Lukas Gschwandnter, Sophie Nys, and Studio Mumbai, among others.


Crown Mirror + Noir Stool

Nicoline Beerkens, a Dutch designer, has gained attention for her ability to blend traditional and modern elements seamlessly. Her work is characterized by bold colors, geometric patterns, and a strong emphasis on sustainability, and illustrates to perfection the notion of blooming. Get to know her through an insightful interview.


Waterfall Table Lamp + Tenor Ottoman

Packed with inspiring features and stunning photography that reveals the latest in interior design trends, ‘Bloom’ is an eye-catcher and general pleaser. The issue also features Spanish Studio Masquespacio, Portuguese Architect Paulo Martins Madalena House project, Design Studio Kallos Turin, La Donaira Eco Retreat, and many more. It is sure to say that whether you’re looking for ideas for your own home or simply appreciate the beauty of innovative design, this magazine has something to offer.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this week’s edition Cover of The Week and browse through the previous ones for some inspiration. What do you think about Attitude’s latest issue? Feel free to share your perspectives on ‘Bloom’ With Interior Design and the feeling of renovation it evokes. For more interior decoration stay tuned to Interior Design Magazines.

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