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Best magazine covers: the images you won’t forget

“Don’t judge the book by its cover”.This is a sentence thrown around almost daily. However when it’s directly applied to book/ magazines it isn’t necessarily true, isn’t it? We do tend to look at the cover and think: “boring” or “oh! i have to buy this one”

Magazine covers are one of the most important aspect of the publications. If they’re good we buy the magazine. If they are normal and boring they will get dust on the shelves.

Some are so, so good that will be remembered for eternity. This is a top five of those iconic covers. Enjoy.

Esquire – October 1966

This cover is associated with a story that will be remembered forever. The article written by John Sack (Esquire’s war correspondent in Vietnam at the time) is a landmark for journalist and was so powerful that changed the public opinion about the war. It covers the M company journey from Fort Dix to Vietnam. It’s the longest article ever published in Esquire.

Best covers: Esquire October 1966
National Geographic – June 1985

Almost without any room for debate we can all agree that this cover is one of the most famous of all time. The photograph of Sharbat Guia taken by Steve McCurry is one of the images that will stand the test of time. Is that iconic. National Geographic made two more covers with Guia: 2002 and 2013.

Best magazine covers | National Geographic  June 1985

People Magazine – September 24, 2001

Some images really worth more than a 1000 words. This is one of those pictures.

best magazine covers | People September 2001
Time Magazine  – April 8 – 1966

This was the first time that “Time” magazine used a type only cover and it  was a controversial one. The question “Is god dead? wasn’t welcome by a large number of readers. The article was about the little presence of religion in the public life.

Best magazine covers | Time - April 1966
Glamour – August  – 1968

Katiti Kironde was the first black woman that made the cover of one of the most important women’s magazine.Two million magazines were sold. There were some bad feedback but the positive response was immense and spectacular.

Best magazine covers | Glamour - 1968

Sources: ASME, Mashable

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