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All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)

All about the Covet Awards contestants (Part II) – Let’s continue our journey through the famous Covet International Awards contestants! As I told before, in this blog segment, we will introduce you to the contestants of this design competition organized by the renowned European brand, Covet Group. Are you ready?


In case you haven’t had the opportunity to read the first post about this design competition, here is a brief explication about its main concept. The Covet Awards is a distinguished design competition, sponsored by Covet House and the Brhands Foundation, with the mission to find the world’s most outstanding interior designers and projects that modernize the craftsmanship art and stimulate the creativity of the worldwide professionals!  Exited to know this weeks’ design projects?

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)The design project for this new store, located at the crossroads of Ice Street House and Road Greetings, Hong Kong, was created by the Parisian architecture and design agency, RDAI.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)The design team, led by Denis Montel, created an architectural project influenced by the main lines of the local architecture. The modern style of the building highlights the copper-colored anodized aluminum façade that shows the rhythm and verticality of bamboo as a material.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)The interior decoration was based on materials like lacquered wood, leather, stucco, marble, and woven metal and on a palette of warm colors. The spaces are subdivided by some champagne-colored woven metal pieces. On the floor, we have two different textures, mosaic on the ground floor and bamboo parquet on the rest of the places. However, you can still find some floor rugs, covered in the pattern of bamboo fibers, in certain spots of the shop.

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All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)The modern design project is a 130 sqm place located in Cologny, Switzerland. This open space loft was created according to the owner’s expectations. Functionality and personalized atmosphere were to the main concepts of the base for this interior design project.

All About The Covet Awards Contestants (Part II)Stephnie Kasel, the interior designer behind this modern project, was able to combine functional materials with different color shades. In every room of this design project, the functionality concept was the key behind all process.

The modern house has a lot of natural light. An industrial glass partition separates the living room area of the home office. The final result fulfilled everything that the family who lived in the loft needed and wanted. Custom design furniture and bright colors are the main points in the interior design of this open space loft!

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