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5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative Types

Because creativity is what keeps any and every field of human action alive, we gathered some of the best Independent Magazines for creative types for you to explore at your own leisure!

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We’re all creators, aren’t we? So, despite the highly misleading title (I know, I know, we’re Bad in a Michael Jackson kind of way) this list actually goes out to everyone, even to the grannies and grandpas of the world, in the hopes that you never forget the best quality humans have, creativity. Without further ado, lets go through a quick fix list of 5 of the best independent magazines for creative thinkers!

1 – Delayed Gratification

5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative TypesA slight odd magazine that focuses on journalism with a twist: instead of looking at the now, it looks back. How do they do it? The magazine is published quarterly, and each new edition revisits whatever went on during the previous three months. The idea behind this is to look back at what once was the news of the day and reevaluate it after all the hype died out.

2 – Apartamento

5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative TypesAn intricate magazine that focuses not on the homes and lifestyle of the rich and famous, but that of regular, working class folks. While interesting on its theme alone, some of the houses are a treat to look at!

3 – The Great Discontent

5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative TypesThe intent of this one is to show the creative process of creators and artists, as the tell-tale name conveys, focusing on interviews which explore their beginnings, creative process, and the risks and discontents in their everyday lives. Not to miss for those artistically inclined!

4 – Disegno

5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative TypesJust like Delayed Gratification, Disegno is published quarterly, covering current events and is aimed at lovers of architecture, design, and fashion. Their feature articles are bound to inspire architects, designers, and artists alike.

5 – Fresh Paint Magazine

5 of the Best Independent Magazines for the Creative TypesA magazine focusing not only on established international artists, but also on up and coming and emerging ones. It features artists from all walks of art, such as writers and painters, and it truly feels like the work of someone who is passionate about the realms of the mind which keep our hopes up.


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