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Luxury Awaits in Montreux

Luxury Awaits in Montreux

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Do You Know What Is a Trend Mook?

Do You Know What Is a Trend Mook? –  With the come back of Maison & Objet Paris in January, why don’t we go back a little to remember one of the most innovative initiatives of the September edition? The Trend Mook must be one of the main highlights of this amazing interior design fair that is famous around the world!

Covet Foundation Agenda Design 2019

If you want to discover more about the latest trends that come in this incredible interior design magazine/ book (you will understand that later), you can still order your copy of the Trend Mook through the Maison & Objet official website! Are you going to miss this amazing opportunity?  If you’re not sure if you need to have this design magazine, then just keep scrolling and I’m sure you’ll find your answers at the end!


Do You Know What Is a Trend Mook

This design issue is about the latest interior design trends. This initiative was presented to the public at the former edition of Maison & Objet in September. The word “Mook” is the result of the word combination (magazine and book) since this issue is both a magazine and a trend book.

Do You Know What Is a Trend Mook

This incredible magazine, called Virtuous, was designed to be a tool of stimulation for any person who reads it. Inside there are trends analyses where is explored the major evolutions in society and paves the way for your discovery of the emerging sectors of creativity and innovation.

Do You Know What Is a Trend Mook

In this first issue, the design lover ou professional will discover not only the latest incredible eco-friendly materials but also a selection of key products and an analysis of the new consumer profile: “the aspirational class”.

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This useful tool meets every single need of the reader and responds to your preoccupations with articles that will help you make your selections, support your decisions and anticipate change.


Excuse My French” is going to be the second edition of the Trend Mook presented in January of 2019 at Maison & Objet! This incredible issue is set to become the design guide that will help you discover all there is to know about France’s new design and decoration ecosystem.

SPOILER ALERT: Inside of the second edition of this interior design magazine, besides the new design trends and the selection of the best products and interior design brands, you’ll face not only a road trip throughout the new topography of creation in France, but also a review of the classics that the interior designers have revisited with humor and new experiences given by the innovative French tech sector.

Sounds amazing right? Then what are you waiting for to collect these incredible interior design magazines/book? The first sept is to get the Virtuous before they run out!

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