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Toronto: Get To Know Mason Studio

Mason Studio

Based in Toronto, Canada, Mason Studio embraces the concept of “less, but better”. These top interior designers have worked on commercial, hospitality, and residential projects across the world. Their appeal lies in the effortless way they combine luxury and simplicity.

Toronto: Get To Know Mason Studio
Living Room © M.Studios

Who are Stanley Sun and Ashley Rumsey?

So, who is the dynamic duo behind this amazing firm? Mason Studio was born out of the creative partnership between Ashley Rumsey and Stanley Sun.

Ashley is a born leader. She has been responsible for a variety of projects across China, North America and the Middle East, and is regularly invited to speak at confereces. Stanley is a creative with a unique vision. His work draws on his background in human sciences, fine arts and interior design. Light and rationality are the two key points of his projects.

Impressed? Well, we’ll have you know that, in 2020 alone, they were featured in Forbes, Pure Luxury and Azure.

Runxi Residence

Toronto: Get To Know Mason StudioThe Runxi Residence project covers four 60-story towers in a riverside development. It is a contemporary, modern project to its core. However, notice how it capitalizes on the use of stone and wood to create the perfect, almost minimalist luxury interior. The point of this project is to exude refinement, but also modernity and good taste. There are no hints of excess or clutter.




This characteristic restraint is even more obvious in the dining room and bathroom. Indeed, you could properly call these two designs minimalist. Yet, the quality of the materials and use of creative details like the hanging lamp leaves no doubt as to the exquisiteness of the project. Turns out minimalist and luxury are not incompatible.

La Banane

Toronto: Get To Know Mason Studio
Restaurant, La Banane © M.Studios

La Banane, however, goes in a more mid-century direction. Indeed, it’s the perfect style for a beautiful restaurant that wants to fuse modernity with the past. The use of classic, but somewhat updated luxury chandeliers and unique art pieces turn the interior of this french-cuisine restaurant into something truly creative. Yet, it doesn’t lose a hint of the refinement that makes for a luxury dining experience.


Furthermore, the wall decor includes some gorgeous art deco elements. This corner table area, however, returns to the best of mid-century design.

Kimpton Saint George Hotel

Kimpton Saint George Hotel © M.Studios

Finally, we have the Kimpton Saint George Hotel project. While it definitely draws on some mid-century influences, we would call this a perfect example of the mid-century modern style. Indeed, the jazz-age-inspired wall lamp and modish patterns are at the service of creating a unique, contemporary project. Also notice the excellent use of burgundy, as well as the quality of the materials.

But you won’t find a single corner in this hotel that doesn’t have a little twist. In the first area, the use of soft blues and unique but discrete decor pieces creates an almost casual chic look. However, the reading nook design is rendered interesting precisely by combining bold colors and mid-century lighting.

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