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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Embrace Luxury in a Picturesque Scener

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TOP 25 Interior Designers From Nice


Today Interior Design Magazines is going to show you 25 amazing interior designers that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados within every style of décor. Based in Nice, these designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings.


1. Art Matière – Thierry Aptel

TOP 25 Interior Designers From Nice

Art Matière – Thierry Aptel specializes mostly in curating painted murals, exquisite sculptures for the home, as well as creations in gold leaf, among other astounding materials and finishes!

2. Atelier M&Deco

After a managerial career in the pharmaceutical industry, Martine Rius turned her interests to interior design having created her own practice, Atelier M&Deco. In the studio’s project, one can often see a remarkable play of light on colors, the infinite beauty of fabrics, as well as artistic and historic features throughout.

3.Callender Howorth (Nice)

TOP 25 Interior Designers From Nice

Callender Howorth is a full-service interior architecture company, specializing in high-end interior architecture in Nice for residential properties and commercial spaces. Although their headquarters are in London, the studio has an office in Nice, having introduced the Nice Interior Architects that are specialists in creating bespoke solutions for discerning clients.


TOP 25 Interior Designers From Nice

Established in 2009, CASVOG is a Nice-based interior architecture studio founded by Jerôme Caramalli that is all about personalization. When it comes to being an interior designer, Caramalli clarifies “my thoughts focus on circulation, fluidity, space optimization, and finally points of light.”

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


5. Christophe Mondolini (CM Design)

Through interior architecture and decoration, CM Design puts its technical expertise and imagination to make one live an exceptional creative adventure in a space that is redesigned to measure.

6. Claire Clerc

TOP 25 Interior Designers From Nice

Claire Clerc’s signature style is best defined by the use of solid yet graphic colors, Chinese objects of art, and modern-day furnishings that all together beautifully structured space.

7. Clotilde Herman

Destined to design elegant interiors, Clotilde Herman has been working in the sector for over 10 years and her work ranges from complete home renovations to the reorganization and design of professional spaces.

8. Corinne Juillard

Passionate about interior decoration and atmospheric creations, Corinne Juillard created her own company back in 2007 to offer her decoration services to a clientele of individuals and professionals, as well as tailor-made creations. Each one of her projects always reflects special attention to detail and finishes.



DAIC is an all-encompassing design firm composed of architects and interior designers with ties to several contractors. The firm specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality projects, offering a ‘turn-key’ approach to our clients, carrying out the project from its conceptualization to execution.

10. Debut de Sie´cle C.S. Décoration

Since its inception, Debut de Siècle has offered a comprehensive range of interior design elements at affordable prices and in all styles, including premium furnishings as well as custom-made textiles. The innovative company has more than 30 years of experience.

11. Deco Art Living

Deco Art Living is led by Cécilia Savu, who shares her know-how in selecting a decoration that meets the client’s needs while creating atmospheres where the keyword is harmony. Savu also masters balancing the use of light, colors, and materials.

12. Elegance at M2

Elegance at M2 is an interior design agency that brings together the professions of interior architecture, interior design, interior decoration, real estate development, and visual identity.

13. Fanny Fischer Decoration

The French interior designer set her own studio back in 2013. According to Fischer, decorating is all about listening, arranging, using common sense, as well as a relevant association of colors and materials.

14. GukArtDesign

Driven by an innovative and unique mind, GukArtDesign always looking to combine design and ergonomics in our achievements. Rigor and creativity are their priorities when developing an interior. Led by Karine Gulnura, everyone involved in the studio is rather passionate about unique creations, luxury, and design.

Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


15. Isabelle Pradier

“I do not claim a design, do not impose a trend. Beyond the design and implementation of your project, I make tailor-made, so that your property resembles you. ”

16. Julie Kilgallon

Kilgallon has been working in residential interior design throughout Côte d’Azur for over 11 years. With decades of experience managing and meeting the many challenges that collaborating with developers, architects, sub-contractors, and builders bring, the interior design studio is an on-site expert who helps ensure the right selection of architectural details and finishes are made and that space planning is fully optimized.

17. Les Ateliers de Lulu

According to Lucie Dimbarbe, the principal of Les Ateliers de Lulu, reconditioning an interior is to highlight spaces and natural light, it is to make a living space a functional one on a daily basis. Furthermore, Dimbarbe harmonizes fittings, materials, decorations, colors, and objects to create a highly crafted environment.


18. Lis Interiors

Lis Interiors is guided by the expertise of interior designer and creative director, Mila Belkove whose “goal is to create a place where you feel like home, to build interiors that inspire you. There is no doubt – any space can be transformed into a stylish, elegant and cozy interior.”

19. Luxoria Interiors

Based in Nice, Monaco, and Paris, Luxoria Interiors is an international award-winning interior design company founded in 2007. Luxoria’s projects have included the remodeling of a beauty clinic in the South of France, design concepts for a health bar chain in the USA, a TV station in Monaco, and a boutique B & B in Italy, just to name a few.

20. Neptune by État D’Esprit Décoration

Ranging between various design styles, the Nice-based design agency offers attentive decorative solutions, from villas to apartments, and even boat interiors. Neptune by État D’Esprit has boutique stores in both Cannes and Nice, which highlight a large collection of furniture, lighting designs, textiles, and decorative accessories that are perfect for trendy atmospheres.

21. Olivier Francheteau

Olivier Francheteau marks his difference by important work on the chromatic contrasts according to the energy caused by the colors (chromotherapy) while taking into account the needs of the customer and the constraints imposed by the functionalities of the place concerned. All in all, Francheteau creates true havens of peace in a cozy and colorful style that undoubtedly helps to feel good at home.

22. Pierre Yovanovitch

While based in Paris, the Nice-born designer is best known for his “Made in France” aesthetics and offering the extreme luxury feel. From lighting to furniture designs, everything the designer produces is made to measure and as such he regularly works with an elite network of artisans. An eclectic, curated selection of works by international designers underscores the couture approach. Sobriety, balance, comfort, and modernity are his keywords. The ultimate perfectionist, Pierre Yovanovitch conceives each project as a work of art.

23. RBE Décoration

With more than 30 years of experience, RBE Décoration is one of Nice’s most influential interior design reference. From the classic style to the most modern and prestigious, the studio specializes in creating turnkey services in the field of interior architecture and interior decoration.

24. Roche Bobois

Technically, Roche Bobois has its headquarters in Paris, however, the renowned French luxury brand has interior design showrooms spread all over Paris, including one in Nice, located in Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Regarded as one of the world leaders in furniture design and distribution, Roche Bobois offers a broad range of exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured with a high level of customization.

25. Zuretti

Zuretti is best known for making unique custom interior designers for luxury yachts as well as residential interiors that benefit from an elaborately modern and international character that brims with the most elegant materials.

26. RECS Architects

Recs Architects ensures its full commitment towards becoming a worldwide cornerstone in the field of architecture and urban planning, a company featuring very high quality in its endeavors, with a high-level organization, being able to expand itself all over the world and to create the precondition for being listed within stock exchanges.

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