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The Splendor of LUXXU’s Luxury Houses

The Splendor of LUXXU’s Luxury HousesLUXXU has just released the second volume of “LUXURY HOUSES“. More than a book, it is a masterclass in luxury interiors, featuring premium projects, containing nothing but the best of luxury design furniture and decorative objects. Want to know more about this greatly curated book and how to get a copy? Interior Design Magazines will show you all!

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The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

The Splendor of LUXXU’s Luxury Houses

Vol. 2 Release

The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

LUXURY HOUSES” is no ordinary book. Freshly released, the second volume of LUXXU‘s take on the creation of luxurious interior design projects, encapsulates the very essence of luxury by showing how an interior design project can be transformed and acquire a very unique new identity by incorporating the brand’s finest designs. Its collection is versatile and can match every style, and that is precisely what this edition is aiming to prove.

From classic to opulent, the book showcases seven stunning projects that communicate the philosophy of the brand and its undeniable attention to detail on every page, and we’ll let you have a sneak peek!

Interested in this ravishing book? Talk to LUXXU!

1. Meraki Palace, Quatar

The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

Our favorite feature of the Meraki Palace project is the cinematographic indoor pool area. The brand chosen to bring back the art of relaxing in style is MYSA Outdoor. The Suspicion side table, a design carved in Carrara marble and lined with polished stainless steel – long-lasting and perfect for this location – harmonizes with the Hampton wood armchair to offer the comfort required to rest by the pool. However, this area would not be complete without sun loungers, and the Hampton sun lounger appears to have been created especially for this setting. This opulent portion of the palace has various LUXXU furnishings, including the Beyond console, which elegantly combines marble and gold when paired with the Orbis mirror and the Pharo III small wall lamp.


Pharo III Wall Lamp + Beyond Console

2. Majestic Villa by Nada Shehab

With the authorship of Cairo’s prestigious Interior Designer Nada Shehab, we present you Majestic Villa‘s impressive dining room. Duality is displayed to its fullest in this eating area. The Algerone Rectangular dining table and Charla dining chairs by LUXXU were combined with a softer and lighter color scheme, which was then contrasted by the usage of the black mirror on the ceiling, giving the space a polished and upscale appearance. The Newton mirror and Lapiaz table Lamp by Boca do Lobo, are inspired by the historical documentation and rare artifacts at Sharjah’s museums and monuments, retelling the stories of the city’s past.


Charla Dining Chair + Algerone Dining Table

3. Le Grand Penthouse, Abu Dhabi

LUXXU supports the creation of environments in which creativity can flourish openly, like in the case of the office area of Le Grand Penthouse. This home office space has breathtaking views of the city of Abu Dhabi and is tastefully furnished with one-of-a-kind designs. To name a few, the Apotheosis desk is in creamy tones, highlighted by brass accents. The Ocadia office chair and Anguis chairs, in light brown nearly orange tones, are perfect for having business meetings since they provide all the necessary comfort and style.


Ocadia Armchair + Apotheosis Desk

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The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

4. Prestigious Apartment, Manchester

The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

For this impressive project, Prestigious Apartment, we decided to take you on a tour of the kitchen. This particular kitchen has an amazing array of contemporary amenities, despite its industrial design. The contemporary kitchen cabinets were painted a deeper yet understated color, which is enhanced by the Quantum cabinet handles, by PullCast, a line of accessories with atom-inspired designs. A specially designed counter island with a wood inside and a marble exterior adds a further level of opulence while being lit by Waterfall pendants, by LUXXU Lighting. The decor is elevated by the Otto swivel bar chairs in grey velvet and leather with brass accents.


Quantum Cabinet Handle + Otto Swivel Bar Chair

5. Sierra Blanca Modern Villa, Marbella

The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

Can you imagine yourself waking up in the idyllic and alluring setting of this spacious master bedroom of the Sierra Blanca Modern Villa project? The neutral colors take over the room, creating a restful ambiance. The dark wood provides more contrast, highlighted by Skyline‘s majestic door pulls, designed by PullCast. The Algerone II bed, a customized version of the Algerone bed with a more minimalist and contemporary design, was very carefully chosen by LUXXU. And what about the Algerone dressing table? Pure sophistication!


Skyline Door Pull + Algerone Dressing Table

6. Urban Nature Penthouse, Hong Kong

The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

The Urban Nature Penthouse briefing was quite simple and LUXXU possessed the tools to match in perfection: “A Luxury Oasis in the City“. From this bold design, conceived to bring resting and luxury to city life, we decided to highlight the living room. Every aspect of the living area was carefully considered to create a statement. The tray ceiling and the illuminated brass walls establish the mood right away, but the Shard suspension by LUXXU Lighting turns into a standalone lighting installation. The modular Anguis sofa and the contemporary Galea armchair are just a couple of the luxurious items that embellish the rooms in a more neutral color scheme. The Vertigo column display‘s shimmering highlights and the metallic glow of the Thor center table are just two examples of the many gold pops that give this living space an extra degree of intricacy.


Anguis Sofa + Vertigo Column Display

7. La Mirage Mansion, Texas

With this particular project, the goal was to take the concept of a luxury mansion to a whole new level. LUXXU chose to decorate La Mirage Mansion with a closed hallway, framed by windows, unveiling the outside landscape. A contemplative setting that perfectly combines comfort and luxury. The Scarp console, Algerone mirror, and Nubian ottoman combine in ultimate luxury, transforming this passing area into a place where one could unwind after a long day. Tycho XS small pendants shine a light on the space, creating a majestic atmosphere.

Is it fair to say that the hallway settles the bar for the whole project? You will have to find out for yourself!


Algerone Mirror + Scarp Console

Featuring consecrated luxury brands like LUXXU, PullCast, and Boca do Lobo, “LUXURY HOUSES” vol. 2 is an amazing visual essay on luxury interior design, filled with wonderful ideas and high-quality decorative elements to help inspire professionals and homeowners around the globe. To meet these seven premium projects in all their extension, or to grab your copy of this greatly curated volume, LUXXU‘s team is at your service. Don’t miss the chance to add this book to your library!

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The Splendor of LUXXU's Luxury Houses

Did you enjoy our sneak peek into “LUXURY HOUSES” volume 2, “The Splendor of LUXXU’s Luxury Houses“? Feel free to share your thoughts on the seven luxurious projects featured in this edition. For more content regarding the best of the best in the interior design world, keep on reading Interior Design Magazines.

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