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Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses – An amazing tennis court it’s a must-have element in the tennis star home, but that we already know! Outside tennis court, Roger is a very simple person and prefers to dine at simple restaurants and waits in line like the general public.

Coveted Issuu

Despite its simplicity, he doesn’t abdicate the basic luxuries, as elegant and luxurious homes or apartments as well as a car Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster, and he bought a private jet to travel to games all over the world. But let us focus on Roger Federer’s luxurious houses, shall we?

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses

The Swiss Maestro is known for his humbleness and his respect for other sportsmen and fellow rivals and even “Rafael Nadal” with whom he forms the greatest tennis rivalry of all time, is his best friend. The champion once said, “I’m just a normal guy and all my winning shots were just “lucky.”

#1 Dubai apartment

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses

The tennis superstar owns a lavish apartment in Dubai apart from properties in Switzerland. He has chosen this location as a base of training to get used to heat and different weather conditions from his home country Switzerland. Roger said: “I remember it was brutally hot, I think like 39 Celsius every day. But I had a good time practicing, it was peace and quiet and I enjoyed it here. I was like, ‘You know, I think this works well for practice and leisure’. The next thing I knew, I had an apartment.”

Location: The lavish apartment is located in Dubai

#2 Crap Curver villa

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses

Roger Federer has bought a home in the Swiss village of Valbella, part of the large Lenzerheide-Valbella ski area in the canton of Graubunden. He bought this Swiss-style Modern Chalet in 2008 and it features some surrounding land with tennis court. The house is very spacious and serene and has woodwork and paneling work throughout which matches the furniture and entire focus is to keep the spaces open and aesthetically appealing. The Swiss Alps have long been a favorite retreat of the Swiss-born tennis star.

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious Houses

Switzerland is home to many famous celebrities like Shania Twain, Bernie Ecclestone and Michael Schumacher.

Location: the house is located in Swiss village of Valbella in Switzerland.

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#3 Penthouse Apartment

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious HousesFederer owns a lakeside penthouse in Wollerau, south of Zurich, on the southeast shores of Lake Zurich which is the largest city in Switzerland.

Take A Look On Roger Federer’s Luxurious HousesThe place is also known for a large number of tourists every year and it’s a leading global city and among the world’s largest financial centers.


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