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Sleep Like a Celebrity – Bedroom Inspiration from the Rich and Famous

Sleep Like a Celebrity – Bedroom Inspiration from the Rich and FamousAt Interior Design Magazines we are all aware that a good night’s sleep is vital for surviving through a fast-paced workday. Surrounding yourself with beauty and comfort is halfway to embracing that state of ultimate relaxation. Profit from the knowledge of busy celebrities and learn how to do it in style!

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Sleep Like a Celebrity

Sleep Like a Celebrity

Bedroom Inspiration from the Rich and Famous

According to science, on average, we spent one-third of our lives sleeping. A very rewarding activity that allows us to recharge batteries to restore all the energy we need to get through a busy day.

Having that in mind, it is safe to acknowledge that most of our existence is spent inside a bedroom. So why not make it exceptional? Borrow some inspiration from these top-notch celebrities and create a bedroom worthy of a magazine cover.

Books Everywhere – Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s

Sleep Like a Celebrity
PHOTO: Architectural Digest

From the look of the power-couple master bedroom, one can only imagine they are both into bedtime reading. Reading is, in fact, a very tranquilizing occupation, capable of creating the right state of mind for one to fall into a restful sleep. Books are a constant in the decoration of the Mahanthan actors’ apartment and can as well be found in an amazing bookcase in the dining room area.

Besides their obvious utility, books are quite charming as decorative objects. Put them on top of a chair, for a touch of novelty. In case reading is also your passion, you know how lighting is everything. Therefore, a table lamp on top of a nightstand is simply mandatory!


Sika II Armchair + Shard Table Lamp

Sleep in Fashion at the Upper East Side – Nina Garcia

Sleep Like a Celebrity
PHOTO: Architectural Digest

Acclaimed fashion editor Nina Garcia‘s Manhattan apartment was designed to her image: the decor is flawless and very smart-chic. A place that is both stylish and absolutely livable. The bedroom conception was no different, as the division holds all the imperative amenities for a restful experience. The velvet-textured headboard of the costume-made bed, the blanket lying on top, and the geometric patterned rug are promises of great comfort. And because fashion is all about subversion, an elegant side table takes the turn of a nightstand. Classy, right?


Triad Rug + Algerone Small Side Table+ Sophia Bed

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Sleep Like a Celebrity

Beverly Hills Neutral Elegance – Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi

Sleep Like a Celebrity
PHOTO: Architectural Digest

Welcome aboard Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi Beverly Hills love nest. A serene haven for rest, designed for luxury and comfort. The costume-made bed is undoubtedly the focal point around which everything else revolves. It is perfectly articulated with an ottoman, that lengthens the room and where carefully curated objects are in place. There is a natural aesthetic concern, incorporated with subtleness in the construction of the bedroom atmosphere, without compromising a much relevant relaxation aura.


Algerone Ottoman + Algerone Bed

Sleep Like a Celebrity, Surrounded by Warm Textures – Neil Patrick Harris

Sleep Like a Celebrity
PHOTO: Architectural Digest

Neil Patrick Harris always looks sharp and his master bedroom couldn’t be any different. It is the reflection of someone of impeccable taste that focuses on all aspects of luxury interior design and can be testified all along the actor’s and his husband’s New York townhouse.

The room is clearly a space for resting. What we see is a charming combination of delicate textures in smooth tonalities, highlighted by a polished wood nightstand with sophisticated lines. A timeless piece that goes unnoticed, here beautifully accessorized with a table lamp and a vase of flowers. But what we love the most about this setting, and we regard it as an invitation for some quality time and neverending bedtime conversations, is the cute little sofa at the end of the bed.


Algerone Nightstand + Andes 2 Seat Sofa

Now you know all you have to sleep like a celebrity. Do you feel inspired by the bedrooms of the rich and famous? Browse through Interior Design Magazines‘ website for more marvelous Interior Decor ideas.

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