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Pierre Charpin: Poetic Expression of Minimalism

Pierre Charpin devotes himself to creating a poetic expression of minimalism within its objects and furniture. The designer graduated from Bourges art school in 1984 and indeed owned an artistic eye and a remarkable taste for design. Chairs, tables, and armchairs, Pierre Charpin dedicates all his attention to materials and details to design unique, archetypal shapes.


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Pierre Charpin is definitely a guest of honor in the world of design, with several international awards and a very fulfilled career in the design industry with clients such as Post DesignZanottaMontinaVenini and Alessi.




A proactive and successful biography in the world of objects, Charpin has always devoted himself to the design of innovative objects that revolutionized the industry. He has embarked upon a number of research projects with associations that are surely uncompromising “For me there is no difference between working for industry or a gallery”.



In 2005, Charpin starts a collaboration with Galerie Kreo, with the creation of unpublished pieces in limited edition. Furthermore, several collections are the subject of personal exhibitions in the Paris gallery: “Platform” in 2006, “All ‘aperto” in 2008, “8 1/2” in 2009 and “Ignotus Nomen” in 2011, “Marbles & Clowns in 2015 in London …



In 2011 Charpin introduces a collection of glasses for Cristalleries Saint-Louis named Intervalles. In 2012 a residential program at the Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto, Japan and in 2017 at Maison & Objet Paris.



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