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Person of the year by “Time Magazine”: the People’s Pope

As usual, Time Magazine has elected the person of the year. The 2013 chosen one is the Pope Francis.


The People’s Pope is distinguished by his charisma and by his willing to turn the Vatican into a more humble church.  His simplicity has gathered millions of believers and has given some credibility back to Catholicism.

See the video below and find the reason behind Time Magazine‘s  decision.

The runners up


Edward Snowden

The “NSA whistleblower” was the key man of one of the most compromising leaks for the United States. Edward Snowden exposed to the world the National Security Agency’s program that surveilled phone and internet communications in the USA. The Guardian newspaper elected him as the person of the year.

See the video below to find why Edward Snowden was in Time Magazine’s shortlist for person of the year.

Edith Windsor

This fantastic lady was the protagonist of a mighty and epic legal battle in the United States that ended in a victory for gay marriage this year.

Find the story of Edith Windsor and why she made the shortlist for “Person of the year” in the video below.

Bashar Assad

The doctor that turned into a dictator. Bashar Assad was one of the most influential persons of 2013 and not by good reasons. As civil war escalated in Syria Assad resorted to all means to murder thousands of his own people. With a lethal brutality we reaffirmed himself has the leader of Syria.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was one of the most important politics in the United States this year. He was the leader of the movement to dismiss the Obamacare program. He gave a 21 hour speech to present his case against Obamacare. Ted Cruz was the responsible for the American government shutdown. In the end…almost everyone in the USA doesn’t sympathize with him.

See Ted Cruz’s year in the video below

Do you agree with these choices? Do you think that Pope Francis deserves the title of “Person of the year”?

Sources: Time Magazine

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