National Geographic’s photo of the day: 9th December

The prestigious and worldwide magazine “National” Geographic” shares, every day, an amazing photo that is simply astonishing.  They give us the opportunity to see a fantastic picture about culture, nature… the themes are different each day.

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9th December 2013

Festival Performers, Japan

Photograph by Benoit Hardy-Chartrand

“Gion Matsuri is one of Japan’s oldest and most famous festivals. On special occasions during the festival, geishaand maiko come out to perform traditional dances on the grounds of some of the city’s shrines. In this photo, the maiko greet a geisha as they exit the stage after a performance.”

National Geographic's picture of the day: maiko geisha japan National Geographic's photo of the day: 9th December National Geographic’s photo of the day: 9th December maiko geisha japan 73868 990x742

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Source: National Geographic

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