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Brand New Arrivals 2023 By Luxxu

Miami’s Luxury Real Estate – A look at the Magic’s City Offerings

The city of neon, bikini, and rollerblades, Miami’s Luxury Real Estate is some of the most attractive in American, let alone the country’s East Coast. Let us have a look have some of those envy-inducing palatial properties in the Magic City.

Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub

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It never lost its sense of style and sea-smelling breeze, nor has it lost its neon-infused streets and alleyways. Ever since the 80s, Miami’s been one of the most sought out destinations in the world, not only for its beaches and sandy-banks but from all the glamour that seems to emerge at every corner and sidewalk, complete with rollerblades. Miami’s Luxury Real Estate is also one of East Coast’s wanted markets. With houses looking like veritable palaces, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise now, does it?


Miami’s Real Estate

More a palace than anything else, 46 Star Island has the looks of the quintessential Miami luxury house, complete with a dock, a large garden to fulfill those urges to commune with nature, a swimming pool, a grand drawing room… I could go on but check for yourself! It even comes with a wine cellar included! And did I mention it’s right by the Miami River? It’s a beautiful landscape of water, palm trees, and man-made stylish buildings, which, well, compose most of the city’s skyline.

Miami’s Real EstateMiami’s Real EstateMiami’s Real EstateMiami’s Real Estate


Miami’s Luxury Real Estate

Slightly boxier than the previous one, this post-modern construction breathes lifestyle through and through. It’s colors really go with the natural blue of the water and the green of the surrounding nature. A beautiful maison that too overlooks not only the river but the city center.

Miami’s Luxury Real Estate

A look at some of Miami’s Luxury Real Estate for saleA look at some of Miami’s Luxury Real Estate for sale


A look at some of Miami’s Luxury Real Estate for sale

Slightly similar to the previous one but more sterile in color and design. It is also further away from downtown Miami, albeit it was chosen by that very same reason: it practically overlooks the ocean. Imagine, an afternoon drinking the finest Pinot Noir bottle from your cellar with no horizon on sight besides that blue line of vastness that stretches beyond imagination. One can only dream…

A look at some of Miami’s Luxury Real Estate for saleA look at some of Miami’s Luxury Real Estate for sale

There’s tons of more Luxury Real Estate in the Magic City, but that is it for today. Worry not though, we’ll have another quick fix ready for you in no time!

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