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Interior Design in HBO’s Succession

Interior Design in HBO’s Succession – Step Inside the Roy Family Portfolio – The fourth and last season of HBO’s acclaimed show Succession‘s first episode has just been released. Interior Design Magazines takes the opportunity to deep dive into the luxurious world of the Roy family, through the show’s outstanding set design. Learn to decorate like one of television’s most powerful and richest family empires.

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Interior Design in HBO's Succession

Interior Design in HBO’s Succession

Step Inside the Roy Family Portfolio

Step inside the Roy family’s incredible real-estate portfolio for an interior design lesson by our favorite fictional Mahanattan royalty. The HBO’s praised satyrical drama design set was created by production designer Stephen Cartes and two-time Oscar-nominated and Emmy award-winning decorator George DeTitta Jr. and translates quite perfectly the opulent and luxurious reality of New York’s society’s finest.

Let’s take a look into the places where the battles for the patriarch’s fortune take place, and where his prole conspires in order to get their hands into his most desirable assets. The Roys are having an open house!

The Fifth-Avenue Penthouse

With every fictional New Yorker billionaire comes a Manhattan penthouse apartment. And Logan Roy (Brian Cox), the patriarch of and the show’s main antagonist is no exception. The Fifh-Avenue apartment sitting room is all one could expect from an old-money traditional family. Sophistication is in order and present in the quality of the materials, the antiques, the neutral palette, and the conventionalism of the atmosphere, rather than in the boldness of the design.


Empire Column Display+ Liberty Table Lamp + Beyond Console

Waystar RoyCo Offices

Interior Design in HBO's Succession
PHOTO: Macall Polay | HBO

Logan Roy is the founder of the media and entertainment company Waystar RoyCo, the great object of desire of his four plotting heirs. Its location is a mix of classical decoration with some modern detailing, reflecting the functionality and pleasantness that a place of business should have. Comfortable upholstery, clean decor, and, of course, a most-needed cabinet bar, are archetypal items all great corporations’ headquarters should have.

Interior Design in HBO's Succession
PHOTO: Macall Polay | HBO


Apotheosis Desk + Charla Office Chair

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The House in The Hamptons

Interior Design in HBO's Succession
PHOTO: Macall Polay | HBO

The House in the Hamptons is also a mandatory element of the Manhattan billionaire kit. A very appreciated cliche that allows characters and viewers a change of set. Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody), a Waystar RoyCo minority shareholder, is the owner of this beautiful compound that has everything in order to provide his fellow business associates with a very relaxed stay, during season three.


Thor Center Table + Shard Chandelier + Thomson Single Sofa

The Raising a Family Home

Interior Design in HBO's Succession

Rava (Natalie Gold), the ex-wive of Logan Roy’s son, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), lives with their children in a duplex located in the historic Woolworth Building. The interior decor of this setting is cozier, with pastel tonalities and velvety textures, which contributes to the construction of a more familiar and welcoming aura.


Saboteur Single Sofa + Vertigo Mirror

We couldn’t be more excited about the premiere of the new season of Succession and can’t stop but wondering what new settings will be added to the show. The stakes are already high, as classy interior design is expected – the perfect background for showcasing the misadventures of Logan’s four sons in the pursuit of getting their hand to his fortune.

What do you think about the interior design in HBO’s Succession? We hope you liked our top picks for creating luxury atmospheres, suitable for Manhanthans high society, in our ‘Editor’s Choice’. Keep on reading Interior Design Magazines to catch all the latest from luxury designer brands and the home decor fabulous world.

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