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Interior Decoration for Living In The City | House & Garden

Interior Decoration for Living in the City – The April issue of House & Garden (The City Issue) magazine is a pleaser for the urban minds who enjoy every single perk of living in the city. Keep on reading Interior Design Magazines if you are a fan of the cosmopolitan lifestyle. We are glad to share our highlights of this issue.

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Interior Decoration for Living In The City

The April Issue of House & Garden Magazine  

The present issue of House & Garden is city-themed and an ode to all the dynamic minds that strive for the buzz that only a big city can offer. As lovers of luxury and interior decor, we are obviously city lovers ourselves and although we very much enjoy an occasional country getaway, we miss all the facilities and the experiences only a city can provide.

Check out this issue’s must-reads according to Interior Design Magazines, our present Cover of The Week.

House & Garden – The City Issue Interior Design Magazines’ Top Picks

Rémy Mishon, Assistant Decoration Editor for House & Garden, shares all her knowledge about door hardware. Rattan, ceramic and brass are among the latest trends.


Brubeck Door Lever + Quantum Door Pull + Twig Door Pull

For tips on transforming a small space of your house into a bar, you may want to read Chistabel Chubbs article. Revamp a corner of your city apartment with the help of a bar cabinet and fancy bar stools.

If there’s one thing decoration aficionados enjoy is to take tours of the houses of interior designers, to grab all the knowledge and the inside tips they can get. It was a pleasure to go inside Lauren Weiss‘s San Francisco house alongside House & Garden to encounter a warm and bright environment we believe many would like to replicate.

Photo: Sam Frost

From California to Barcelona, you will also have the chance to wander through designers Skye Maunsell and Jordi Veciana Barcelona’s city apartment. Sheer simplicity highlighted by mid-century furniture, it gives us a very urban vibe with a nod to Spanish influences.


Tycho Table Lamp + Otto Sofa

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Seila Jack takes us outside for a landscaping project in London. The Magnolia trees are the top of the crown of this Kensington’s Secret Garden, but the outdoor furniture doesn’t come unnoticed.

Photo: Sheila Jack Landscapes


Hampton Wood Sofa + Charla Outdoor Table

If for you it is all about living in the city with good interior design, you may want to grab this issue of House & Garden magazine. There is plenty of more great content paying tribute to all cities, from seasonal recipes, shop suggestions and lifestyle tips.

Share your thoughts on this week’s Cover of The Week. What do you think about the April issue of House & Garden Magazine? For more interior decoration for living in the city content, feel free to browse through Interior Design Magazines‘ website.

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