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3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend! This year’s them is called “PORTUGAL – ELDORADO ARCHI, DESIGN AND CRAFT?”.  The conference will be taking place in January 21st (2:00-2:45 pm) in Hall 7.

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As the luxury home design world is growing at a fast rhythm on improving the authenticity and differentiation, top-notch quality has been relying on the finest craftsmanship to create unique pieces for exclusive interiors. The talks of Maison et Objet is going to highlight the importance of craftsmanship as fine art, as well as honor all its beauty!

Moderated by journalist Guy-Claude Agboton you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the knowledge of interior architects from Oitoemponto, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec as well as Joana Astolfi designer from Astolfi Studio and Amândio Pereira, founder of Covet Foundation.

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!

That means that in this edition of the Parisian design event you will have the opportunity to hear more about the professional journey in craftsmanship by some experts of the interior design market!

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!

An emerging realm that has been in the spotlight where the meticulous and hard-earned skills from master artisans are treasured. Now, let’s get to know more about each speaker.

#1 Amândio Pereira / Covet Foundation for Design & Craftsmanship

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!The founder & CEO of the international creative company, called Covet Group, that features and manages 11 luxury design brands, started in 2005 his professional journey in the luxury design world with the creation of the renowned Portuguese design brandBoca do Lobo. Nowadays, Amândio manages a corporation with 40 distinct businesses with more than 500 employees.

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!

Due to his passion of the Portuguese craftsmanship skills, in 2018 he created the Covet Foundation, a non-profit institution that is dedicated to honoring the Arts & Crafts. This design foundation also promotes a valuable environment across industries, where the skilled artisans are encouraged and appreciated as dedicated artists.

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#2 Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec / Oitoemponto

3 Incredible Maison et Objet Talks That You Must Attend!

Created in 1993 from two distinctive yet complementary personalities, this team,  Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, created a successful project that is responsible for creating unique places that can be bright and discreet, modern and timeless… Each production results of long hours of coordination during which the lifestyle of the client is examined until the last detail, in order to create the best perspective that matches their needs and wishes.

Thanks to his professional expertise in the fashion world, Artur Miranda has a modern vision of the interior design world that is clearly popular for creating the most unexpected combinations in terms of color themes. Jacques Bec, on the other hand, brings a refreshing French touch, as well as the precious know-how acquired during his studies at the Met de Penninghen graphic arts school in Paris.

#3 Joana Astolfi / Studio Astolfi

Joana Astolfi is an artist, architect and designer creates unique collections of found objects, such as porcelain statuettes, miniatures, vintage chairs, lamps, toys, diaries and photographs of people that she never met. Her artworks are inspired by imperfections, mistakes and a touch of sense of humor.

Her interior design and architectural professional perspective are dedicated to commercial and private clients. Distinctive surfaces, fixtures, details, textures and patinas bring depth and complexity to clean, simple lines and illuminated open spaces, always with an eye toward the history and memory of the place. For the interior designer, these types of objects are experiences, caught in time, that are capable of transcending and bridging time.



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