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New Products Design Editions New Products Design Editions

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo’s 2019 Collection

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo’s 2019 Collection – Created with the brand’s signature crafts these incredible designs follow the new 2019 design trends! Take a look!


Night watchafternoon and terracotta are some of the colors that will be shining on their own in the upcoming season. The new furniture designs by Boca do Lobo features a sense of vitality and renewal that are the two main concepts of the wide 2019 collection. The brand’s timeless masterpieces are a myriad of wonderment that never goes out of style.

The Techniques 


“To form, to cut, and to joining processes can be a praiseworthy playground. An artful creative assortment of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry.”

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

From a wide range of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry, the Metalworking technique is perfect for multiple luxurious designs with different shapes and sizes. Boca do Lobo has no restraint to use different processes and tools to shape new designs, by giving to their pieces rough, yet powerful expression.


‘When crafting a piece like this, the end result is always different, each piece is unique. It is hand-crafted work, a work of love.’

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection Born in the Roman period, the art of filigree was passed down through generations of skilled medieval jewelers.  Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless brilliant examples of this remarkable technique. This incredible technique became very popular in the French fashion world from the ’60s until today.


“The renowned hand-painted tiles reflect a Portuguese tradition with hundreds of years. There is no surprise that Boca do Lobo honours this treasurable fine art in the Heritage iconic series.”

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

Anyone can visually recall the ceramic tiles painted in blue artistic patterns, repeated in many historical buildings or as rich accent elements, such as house numbers spread along the Portuguese country. Profoundly linked to architectural use, it is usually applied as wall covering decoration, layering large surface areas on both the inside and outside of buildings.


‘Fine furniture calls for beautiful forms and one-of-a-kind silhouettes. One of the oldest arts of humankind reborn from the perfect marriage of ancient skills with mechanical methods.’

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

This inspiring technique is one of the most elementary concepts in woodworking that connects different pieces of wood. The look of a joint, how strong it is and how long it will last through time are determined by the joining materials and which kind of technique is used in the process. This is a basic yet precious foundation that builds the pieces’ skeleton, therefore, Boca do Lobo has always put this efficient technique in the spotlight of their unique designs.

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Newest Furniture Designs

A journey of an entire year must begin with a single step, there’s a whole new crop of design trends to consider for 2019 Spring and the famous Boca do Lobo got you covered!

#1 D. Manuel Cabinet:

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

Inspired by Portugal’s most prestigious legacies, the noble D. Manuel is a timeless cabinet design that introduces last year’s preserved tales and storytelling belongs to next year’s expectancies.

#2 Piccadilly Bookcase:

Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

Although isn’t a brand new design, this bespoke bookcase fits perfectly in the 2019 earthy color trends! The Piccadilly cabinet, in the most glorious night watch or blac tone, is one of the most impressive pieces from the brand’s unique collections. Taking contemporary pieces to the very next level, this cabinet can be customized in different color schemes!

#3 D. Heritage Cabinet:Incredible Furniture Designs From Boca do Lobo's 2019 Collection

The D. Heritage Cabinet, from the brand’s Heritage Collection, features a terracotta tone in its dazzling handpainted tiles. This majestic furniture design was also inspired by multiple landmarks and legacies from Portugal rich history!

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