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Huffington Post selects: 5 perfect accessories for a small home

Today i’m going to share with you a great post that o found at Home Design Ideas blog.

In this article you will find 5 perfect accessories for a small home. I hope you enjoy!

“Living in a small home is not easy. Space is not abundant and we have to really think before we bought something new for our home. At Home Design Ideas, I already wrote some articles in which you could get some tips to get the most out of a small home. If you missed them you can check these posts : “5 incredibly stylish urban homes“, “A small apartment design that you will love” and “How to decorate a small kitchen“.

Styling a small home has its challenges and the key is to get furniture and accessories that are beautiful, practical and that have more than one purpose. If you think about it, having a bed that can be transformed into a desk, or some chairs that can be stored all together, would be very creative ways to save space.

In today’s post you will find 5 of the best small space decor ideas. They were selected by the Huffington Post that was in one of the most important furniture shows of the world – the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair).

Take a look at these multipurpose accessories and space saving furniture!

 – Magnetic Wall Organizers by Urbio

If you follow hit show “Shark Tank” you will remember this product. Urbio is a vertical garden that allows you to have a stylish garden in your small apartment or to store your things in a wall.

Magnetic Wall Organizers by Urbio
Magnetic Wall Organizers by Urbio

– Coalesce Concealed Bed/Desk  by Immersion Design

“Coalesce presents a new take on combining two necessary pieces of furniture: a desk and a bed, and does it with style. Shelves are mounted on the sides, and the desk top lifts up for storage and always remains parallel to the ground when transitioning from one position to another. Features include a built in surge protector power strip with cord management, task lighting, and an LED adjustable reading lamp. Bed shown with twin mattress; comes in double mattress size as well.”

Coalesce Concealed Bed/Desk  by Immersion Design
Coalesce Concealed Bed/Desk by Immersion Design

– Stacking Ottomans by David Gaynor Design

Stacking Ottomans by David Gaynor Design
Stacking Ottomans by David Gaynor Design

– Hanger Chairs by Umbra Shift

Hanger Chairs by Umbra Shift
Hanger Chairs by Umbra Shift

– Poke stools by kyuhyung cho

Poke stools by kyuhyung cho
Poke stools by kyuhyung cho

So what do you think about these creative home accessories that will save space in your home? If you have a small apartment these are really great solutions that you can use to get of the most space out of your home.

I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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