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How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor


How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor – Sometimes, our sense of style is too big to be defined by just one, in particular, however sometimes two looks really are better than one.  The challenge is to make them work together… but it isn´t impossible to do!

How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor

Everybody thinks that mix and matching different styles in home decor is as hard, but in reality, it’s quite simple. There are four main rules to guide you in your on the preparation of your design project. If you follow them, no only you’ll be an expert on the subject, but also the result of your interior design project will be something beyond this world!

How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor

Character pieces are those furniture pieces that don’t seem to fit in the rooms design theme. Many people try to hide it, but the secret is on doing precisely the opposite. Rather than trying to hide that piece away, only to have it ultimately stand out like a sore thumb, I suggest that you make it the stand out of the room. If you’re into taking risks, you can highlight it and make it the focal point of your design project!

How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor

To achieve a hybrid successful design you need to think about the little details right from the start of the planning process. Functional and beautiful products are the key to success! You need to keep the functionality of the room elements in mind! The purpose of the room will be clear to the eye.

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How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor

When you’re trying to combine two different styles that don’t really go together, you should consider to include design elements that have common threads to pull them together. For example, the color scheme is a nice way to combine all of the details from the style that you choose. When mixing and matching different looks, a common shade is often the great equalizer.

How to Mix Different Styles in Your Home Decor

Last but not least, may I present to you the 80/20 rule. This rule is a simple way to make sure that both of the design styles you’re using end up working together but each one has a different role in the project.

According to this incredible design rule, you need to devote 80% of the room’s design to one style, that is going to be that one that you like the most. This design theme is going to be the main focus of the design project, having an influence on your choice of colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, etc. On the other hand, your second style will take on more of a background role since it is 20 % of your decor project.

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