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Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Suburban Villa Paradise in Calabasas

Embrace Luxury in a Picturesque Scener

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Free Download: The Ultimate Inspirations Design Book

Ultimate Inspirations Design Book

Inspiration is a powerful thing. More than that, creating a beautiful, balanced aesthetic is quite a task. With a clear vision of inspiring and delivering design to the world, Covet House created powerful ambiances that, indeed are bound to inspire and boost creativity. Using various pieces from the brands under Covet House’s belt, the new Ultimate Inspirations Design Book was meant to not only showcase how well and versatile the pieces are but also to provide a platform where designers and studios could find inspiration by finding in a unique tool, various settings, and ambiances that will surely provoke and sparkle the imagination.


Ranging in various styles, in this masterfully curated book you’ll be able to find projects from modern classic style to contemporary minimalism, from foyers to exteriors, no centimeter was left unturned. Each interior design project includes a whole design with incredible selected design areas. Find the greatest living room decor ideas, amazing dining room sets, beautiful and comfy master bedrooms, lovely kid’s bedrooms, bathroom vanities, and breath-taking walk-in closets, as well as exclusive home office designs and must-have outdoor furniture for your dream house. And since we’re already inspired, we’ll give you a small sample of what you will find when you download The Ultimate Inspirations Design Book for FREE. Let´s dive in!


Welcoming you into the house is a splendorous sight, a foyer or entrance that will set the tone for the rest of your home. No matter the size, you won’t get a second chance of causing a good first impression, so, although this room is most of the time dismissive or underplayed, it is one of the most important areas in a house. Focused on blending different styles under the same space, these ambiances will bring light and give you some inspiration when creating your dream entryway with amazing furniture. A combination of materials, finishes, colors, and styles ultimately provides a richer aesthetic to a room that can be sometimes overlooked.


Latte Sideboard



With strong lines and a firm personality, Latte Sideboard is the perfect piece to complete a simple and contemporary design. Versatile, functional, and smooth, Latte is lacquered in high gloss cream and gently lies in dark bronze matte feet. This charming sideboard brings instant character and hygge to a minimalist design.


Luxury design as always sparked hundreds of people’s imaginations. It has been seen by many as the zenith of lifestyle, the way to be and to live. What better way to commemorate life than a grandiose and lavish dinner party? Surrounded by family and friends, all of this is enveloped by the most tasteful and exquisite ambiance and decoration. Decorating your dining room with beautiful upholsterylighting, and accessories is a symbol of class and elegance.


Bonsai Dining Table

Bonsai Dining Table boasts bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes. Extreme simplicity, contemporary aesthetic, and seductive power: these are the characteristics reflected in each detail that make this table love at first sight.

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They are the heart of the house. The aesthetic of these spaces is defined by the combination of their colors, shapes, and materials. The tones in the textiles of the upholsteries, the gold of the brass, and the hues of the marble and other finishes bring the perfect balance and harmony to the living rooms. Decorating a living room can be a real challenge, having this kind of responsibility for all the house. So do you make it formal and perfect for entertaining? Or do you make it casual, kid-friendly, and covered in easy-to-clean fabrics? Should you go for a timeless traditional style or make it more modern and trend-forward?


Cassia Sofa

Cassia Sofa is the perfect addition to your modern living room. With a hue of brown inspired in the Cassia cinnamon, this ultra-comfortable sofa contains an upholstered back and seating, with symmetric shapes for a chic look. A rearrangeable sofa, that’s both chic and cozy.


The bedroom is probably the most important place when it comes to your home design. It’s your safe place, a retreat from the world, and a place for a relaxing and soothing time. Whether you dream of a calm and restful sanctuary or a luxurious hotel-style bedroom, our inspirations for bedroom ideas are all you need to know before you make a start, from finding the perfect mattress to choosing a bedroom color scheme.


Turner Pendant Lamp


Inspired by the astonishing and memorable dance moves of the iconic pop singer, DelightFULL’s design team created the Turner family. Turner Suspension Lamp is an art deco lighting fixture handmade in brass and aluminum that boasts all the most special elements of this design movement. The body has five gold-plated finished movable arcs, which can all be rotated into the desired position, giving this modern pendant lamp a sense of fun.


What was the layout of your room when you were a kid? We’re guessing not like these vibrant, inventive, and obviously amazing settings. These uber trendy kids’ bedrooms are lessons in strategic editing, creative ideas, and extremely good taste. Discover new inspiration every day and explore the best way to bring that inspiration to life. Kids and their adventurous minds are the biggest inspiration, they have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, and those ideas are also often inspired by epic movie sets and elaborate fairy tales backdrops.


Astroman Rug

Astroman Rug was inspired by the Apollo’s Programme, coordinated by NASA, is the perfect piece to join your little one in his/her countless space missions. It’s the Rug all the kid’s rooms who love the Galaxy are waiting for. Are you ready to step on the Moon?


The bathroom is as significant as any other area in your home since it is where you begin and end each day. Yet, all too frequently, it feels out of place with the rest of the house, imbued with less love and individuality. And the expectations we place on them, such as water-friendly surfaces and bright, IP-rated lighting, can result in a chilly, unattractive environment. Lighting, texture, and color are all factors to consider when designing a bathroom and don’t forget to include anything that piques your imagination and elevates your mood. Above all, a bathroom must be clean and neat. But it doesn’t have to be strictly functional, especially if you enjoy bubble baths or mirror selfies.


Newton Bathtub


Newton is an outstanding moment of design inspiration. This freestanding bathtub features a single-slipper style shape, a timeless detail that conveys comfort. It has a distinctive curved lip, made out of gold-plated casted iron, revealing a golden interior. The high-gloss black and gold lacquered brass spheres make the perfect combination to make this a sculptural and artistic piece.


home office is that sacred space in the house where ideas flow easily and work gets done. Covet House will help find all the luxury design elements you need, from the desk to the lighting, to inspire creativity and also for you to reach peak productivity. Here, design meets craftsmanship and a luxury atmosphere takes command. Shall we begin?


McQueen Mirror


In line with the entire McQueen family, this McQueen Rectangular Mirror is a meticulously designed beauty object. The tradition of the jewelry artisans is kept in this approach to contemporary luxury. A sublime and powerful evocation of savage beauty. The magnificent foliage is made of hammered brass with a gold-plated finish and a rhythmic luminosity of the Swarovski crystals.


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